Pollock Chair – 45 yrs young in 2010

Pollock Chair – 45 yrs young in 2010

Charles Pollock will not only be celebrating his 80th birthday this year, but his eponymous Pollock Executive Chair commissioned by Knoll, will mark its 45th anniversary in 2010.

Born in the USA in 1930, Charles Pollock obtained a bachelor degree in industrial design from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn and worked in George Nelson’s office.

The Pollock Executive Chair was introduced in 1965 following the success of his steel framed armchair designed in 1960.

Charles Pollock exemplified in the conceptual visions of his designs, Pollock has a strong internal and emotional connection to seating. It was Florence Knoll’s recognition of his unique talent that secured his reputation as one of the world’s preeminent furniture designers. He is the recipient of many awards including the IBD Bronze Medal and the Dutch Institution for Industrial Design. Pratt Institute’s 1991 tribute to Mr. Pollock honored him with its Excellence  by Design Award.

Charles Pollock


Also known as the 1251 series, the Pollock Chair composed of a frame elegantly rimmed by chromium plated aluminium and harnessed by a pedestal base. The aluminium extrusion that defines the rim is the structure of the design, supporting a cushion of soft leather and the entire chair together

The Pollock Chair’s lack of internal spine differs from other chairs, he argues that the streamlining rim doesn’t rust, tarnish nor fade; instead it retains its visual appearance perennially. He enhances: “You have a visually pleasing colour or texture or chrome finish articulated in a fashion that goes around the edge of the chair, which is beautiful and acts as a guard against destructing the chair no matter where you hit it or from any point of view, from any direction – up, down, front, side, back, whatever.”

We celebrate not only the longevity of this classic design, but Charles Pollok’s scrupulousness and vision

The Pollock chair continues to maintain its role as the quintessential executive chair with its timeless contemporary elegance. Offered in a variety of luxurious fabrics, leathers and finishes, the versatile and extremely comfortable chair features a waterfall front and thick tufted upholstery, and a signature aluminum rim.

Also available with a jury base and tablet arm, Pollock is the perfect choice for conference rooms, office seating and many other applications.

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