Tom Dixon ( Around the World ) – Flash Factory, Hong Kong

Tom Dixon ( Around the World ) – Flash Factory, Hong Kong

Last month Tom Dixon made a quick stop in Hong Kong to introduce a new line of limited edition wares dubbed as his “Factory” line pieces made right in the Tom Dixon Hong Kong Monobrand showroom

The first product rolled out of  the “Tom Dixon Factory” were Limited Edition Etch laser cut stainless steel sheets that are semi-easy to fold and lock together to create an iconic pendant light.

Blending the back of house product making and design with the front of house retail experience, invited architects, interior designers, stylist  and media were invited to participate in the production of their own product at this makeshift Factory in the Hollywood Street Tom Dixon Showroom

They could all make their own ” limited edition “etch shade and take it home with them afterwards

Tom Dixon’s Factory supervisor – Tomos Owen – flew in from London to run the Factory workshop in Hong Kong during Tom Dixon’s visit

The first in a series of workshops, you’ll be joining the Tom Dixon creators at The Factory to produce your very own limited-edition pendant ETCH light.

In this unique event, guests get hands-on and join the production line, helping to create a limited batch of only 600 pendant lights produced solely at The Factory and assembled by you.

The workshop “limited edition ” Etch shade will cost you approx $ 400 unassembled, a significant reduction of the cost of a usual Etch pendant, since you are supplying the hard labour input to turn it into the finished  desirable object !

You get a certificate of authenticity when you make your own Tom Dixon etched shade in the Factory.

According to Tom and his ” Factory ” Product Design Supervisor Tomos Owen, once these limited edition pieces have been distributed – the brand will move on to Production line Series 2 – ” Ceramics ”

We can’t wait to see the fruits of that project




Tom Lecture at the Asia Society Club



Tom Q & A


Some Guest comments after the Talk


“It was very good , very insightful and enjoyed lots and amazed by the full house . Next time can talk about design evolution as millennials should be interesting knowing more about the future.”

“Very good . If Tom can share more next time of the making process of the furniture (that will be great!) So they know how to understand and appreciate the furniture of Tom Dixon.”

“Very good. Amazed by Tom’s charisma and impressed by his casual talking way . He can really TALK A LOT!




Tom Dixon Hong Kong Showroom

The two story showroom showcases a curated collection of our products where charred timber cladding and grey marble fixtures complement the concrete floor and walls, and serve as a fitting backdrop to Tom’s metallic tones of copper, brass and chrome.

The ground floor offers a veritable Aladdin’s cave of home accessories.

Designed to engage and encourage interaction, shoppers are also invited to explore the versatility of the collections through a plug and play lighting track and the designers tool box engineered to demonstrate finishes, color and fabric options.


As our second Monobrand in the Eastern hemisphere, 52 Hollywood Road, Hong Kong represents the launch pad for many extraordinary adventures in Asia.” ………………….  Tom Dixon


The Tom Dixon cocktail event, was a small intimate affair therefore everyone was able to chat with Tom properly and mingle together which was appreciated by those attending

The event allowed guests to understand the Tom Dixon brand in a deeper level, and could chat with both Tom and Tomos, as well as get special social media photos and merchandise signings

The upstairs Café, operated by Nodi, offers a selection of artisanal coffee, small snacks and the perfect place to slow down and soak in the latest ideas in furniture, accessories and lighting whether you are an architect or just a design enthusiast.


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