Eco-Oh! @ Salone Milan 2017

Eco-Oh! @ Salone Milan 2017

Eco-oh!’s  project The New Normal : Lets Recycle for Life, curated by Lorenzo Palmeri and staged at the Triennale di Milano, invited visitors to think about living their lives even more in harmony with nature.

The Project described the process that leads from the consumption to the virtuous transformation of plastic materials, giving new life to plastic household articles, transforming them into designer pieces made of 100% recycled material.

concept design by Lorenzo Palmeri

The installation was an invitation to live more harmoniously in nature through a more sustainable approach to plastic waste management.

It showed the entire chain that leads from the consumer to the virtuous transformation of plastic materials through the recycling process, from recovery to transformation, and the ability to reintroduce it into the production cycle with a new significance.

The space within the Triennale presented a vision, a movement aiming to inspire and engage the public

Visitors were invited to enter into the process, to sit, touch, play, interact with Eco-Oh! products, allowing themselves also to be drawn into the images, videos and sounds created specifically for the installation.

On the walls, the entire process of recycling plastic was reconstructed, starting from the conscious decision to start considering waste as a resource.

Household plastics are everywhere, we use plastic in fruit and vegetable packaging, yoghurt pots and butter tubs, films, bags and so much more.

ECO-oh! wants to inspire you to sort out these plastics, because they are precious raw materials that should not be incinerated.




Eco-Oh video by Alessandro Palmeri





Triennale Exhibition

ECO-oh! presented its new H-bench and its Altamira Collection – comfortable design for public furniture that brings joy.



H Bench

Comfortable Design that brings Joy

Studio Segers created an iconically designed bench made out of 100% recycled post-consumers plastics.

Its design ensures functionality and comfort to melt together into a flexible modular concept.

The H-bench is the result of a profound compounding process, combined with innovative moulding techniques that enable us to produce a high-quality bench.

Its concept enables the creation of an endless bench, combining individual low or high modules in different colours facing different sides.

At the entrance space there was a large H bench almost ten metres long, suspended on a platform of plastic scraps,

Opposite there were tanks filled with regrind, the raw material derived from plastic which, once treated, was used to make the bench itself.

Behind the tanks was a four-metre-high screen on which a curved video was projected, illustrating the process from gathering the material to the final transformation.

The different types of raw materials, differentiated by colour and weight, were presented on a number of palettes and displayed like precious objects, to be touched and weighed.

The different forms made by Eco-oh! could be seen on a work table, while the space also housed several designer items: in addition to the H Bench and Bloom there was a panel on the wall with a reference to the company’s forthcoming presence at the Venice Biennale

With its very modular concept the H-bench is finding its way into squares, stations, parks and beautiful places.




Recycled plastic that honours Nature

By creating a collection of 4 benches made from 100% post-consumer plastics, the artist, François Blommaerts, honours the recycling process as a way to respect nature.

Just as in nature, the Altamira Collection is a play of waves as found in old canyons in Arizona where the artist found his inspiration for the Altamira Collection.

Enjoy the lounge comfort of the benches while reflecting about life.




Recycling household plastics into valuable Raw Materials


ECO-oh! has built a unique factory that recycles mixed household plastics with a 97% eco-efficiency, offering a sustainable alternative for incineration.


In Eco-oh’s unique plant in Belgium mixed plastics are processed directly into valuable raw materials in the most ecological and cost-effective way.

It is our way to help shape a cleaner planet with happy people using plastics that benefit nature.

Due to the nature of the input raw waste materials the end result is a basic colour of grey.

Co-extrusion allows Eco-Oh to use this basic material for the core, and to upgrade the skin by putting in texture and colour.






Eco-Oh At Palazzo Reale

And as recognition for ECO-oh!’s mission and the “ECO-Oh! Let’s recycle for life” initiative, the Municipality of Milan approved the granting of its patronage.

The benches from the H Bench collection have been placed in the courtyard of Palazzo Reale, a point of reference in the Lombard capital and for all those who love fine design.


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