Tom Dixon [pt 3/6] @ Salone Milan 2017

Tom Dixon [pt 3/6] @ Salone Milan 2017

This year, Dixon brings up Multiplex – bringing together design, technology, fashion, film and interiors to explore how the future of retail might look, sound, smell, taste and feel.

‘The high streets are fighting a losing battle against the shift to online shopping, while eye-watering rents for prime locations squeeze traditional stores even further. It is time to radically rethink how these spaces can become relevant again in a digitally-defined future. The Multiplex is a prototype shop for the future, a multiple stage for new ideas.”   Tom Dixon

Against the backdrop of 50’s Italian glamour, Tom Dixon told the stories and showed the products of Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow.

Dixon notes that not unlike the future of next-gen retail, Milan is all about the perfect curation of multifaceted ideas and experiences: –

“ Milan in April turns into the Glastonbury of Design – a huge explosion of ideas, colours, shapes and functions, a massive influx of design obsessives all seeking the latest ideas.

This year we have acknowledged the need for a place to stop, to refuel, to catch up on the newest concepts and latest designs and share the full excitement of our latest products.

We’ve chosen this iconic 1950’s Galleria and Cinema so that we can fully embrace the delicate balance of commerce, culture and entertainment that makes Milan the best Design Festival of the year.”



2017 collection



Initially manufactured in Tom’s London metalwork shop many moons ago – and subsequently under license for 20 years of Italian production – these instantly recognizable designs are finally brought back home.

Re-engineered, recoloured and reinvigorated for relaunch, their graphic, pop-art silhouettes feel just as fresh today as they did yesterday and will still be collector’s pieces tomorrow.



Pylon Chair

Originally created on a self-propelled mission to design the world’s lightest metal chair Pylon was originally made in small series in Dixon’s metalwork shop in the early nineties.

The last twenty years it has sat within the Cappellini collection, and is now coming back – once again being made by the original skilled metalworker who was taught to weld by Tom.

The original inspirations which ranged from early computer programming, electricity pylons and architectural models of bridges are clearly visible in this joyful exercise in self-taught structural engineering.

The lattice work of 3mm diameter steel rod is triangulated for maximum strength – an exercise in pure unadorned structure.

Now powder coated in a bright royal blue the Pylon chair, whilst possibly not being the most comfortable chair in the world, is certainly one of the most recognisable and unique.


S Chair

Tom launched his famous S-chair in 1991 at 10 Corso Como in Milan, where founder Carla Sozzani had previously introduced him to Giulio Cappellini, art director of the eponymous Italian design firm.

Born in Tom’s 80s London workshop, S Chair is the prequel to its sibling still produced in Italy by legendary furniture company Cappellini.

Re-engineered to take account of the latest developments in manufacturing technology, the original three-dimensional form is now moulded in an industrial hard/soft foam with a pure new wool cover; the instantly recognisable serpentine curves are now more comfortable and ergonomically active than ever.

It now sits proudly on its steering-wheel inspired cast iron base.

Existing in a multitude of historic versions in the permanent collections of Museums from the MOMA New York to the V&A London the exciting adventures of ‘S’ look set to continue into the distant future.


Bird Chaise

The very rare and unusual furniture typology of the rocking chaise longue is explored here in a monolithic form, carefully balanced to encourage a gentle rocking motion with its gentle curves and reduced silhouette.

The Bird chaise is a bold sculptural statement that is destined to bring extra colour and shape, movement and comfort into lobbies, breakout areas and homes.

Bird was first made in 1990 in galvanised steel in Tom Dixon’s south London Metal shop and subsequently produced under license to Cappellini.



For Today section, Tom Dixon launched several new lighting collections at Milan design week.



Futuristic and faceted, Cut is an exercise in optics. Its space-age mirror finish when off transforms to reveal a translucent kaleidoscopic gem when switched on.

Hypnotising reflections of the luminous orb within repeat infinitely within the diamond cut, vacuum metallised interior.

Produced in both chrome and smoke finishes, small and long, pendant and surface – these are the latest adventures in our endless fascination with reflectivity, luminosity and transparency.




Delicate and elegant, the severe geometry of the acid-etched conical form of Top is reduced but instantly recognisable.

A super fine filter of warm light emanates from its micro pierced exterior.

When switched off it appears as solid stainless steel, when switched on it appears light, semi-transparent and ethereal.

Designed to be hung in many tidy combinations, the effect of reflected polished yet illuminated stainless steel is a feat of materiality and manufacturing innovation.




Tube is a versatile standing or hanging lamp made from a black anodised aluminium cylinder which is pierced with a series of machined holes that output a strong but gradated light for the workspace and home.

Shadow play and retro aesthetic brings a unique pop graphic sensibility to our collection.

Tube comes from years of experimenting with lights and speakers. It also explores the multiples, architectural possibilities, and pays tribute to Yayoi Kusama and Bridget Riley.


Melt Surfaces

Melt Chrome is a distorted lighting globe born from our collaboration with Swedish radical design collective FRONT.

Squashed, squeezed, distorted and moulded into a flatter blob, Melt’s extraordinary luminosity has found new applications on wall, ceiling or floor.


Melt Stand Chandelier Gold

The Stand Chandelier comes with a total of seven gold shades (three Melt Mini and four Melt).


Mirror Ball Stand Chandelier Gold

One of the most identifiable Tom Dixon products, inspired by the famous space helmet, and by disco balls.

Mirror Ball is lightweight yet robust and reflects its environment, projecting downward ambient light.




After years of metallic experiments, here it is Super-texture collection. It is the first foray into weaving, sewing and embellishing where Tom Dixon look at extreme textures of velvets, boucles and knits





Comprising of six textures (Soft, Deco, Boucle, Fleck, Check, Line) and designed to be stacked and combined, textiles act as a playground for tactility and a big canvas for colour.




Plush mohair velvet in steel-grey, brass-ochre, copper-pink, and Yves Klein-blue form our Soft collection.

This series of cushions and pouches fashioned from Dutch woven fabric is composed of South-African Angora goat hair historically said to be as valuable as gold itself.

Combined with European craftsmanship and a generous filling of Danish duck feathers this range offers superior pile height, durability, and the ultimate indulgence in comfort and texture.

With the simple glint of a copper hoop and our signature zip we let the material do the talking.



Alternating weaves of plush mohair velvet, pattern the dual textured surface of our Deco range.

In striking blue, ochre and pink their art deco decoration recalls the glamour of an earlier age.

This series of cushions fashioned from Dutch woven fabric is composed of South-African Angora goat hair said to be as valuable as gold itself.

Combined with European craftsmanship and a generous filling of Danish duck feathers this range offers class, durability, and the ultimate indulgence in comfort and texture.



Boucle is super texture.

Uncompromising in quality, it’s composed of hand-spun and hand-woven yarn, in the exotic remote mountainous region of Rajastan with wool sourced from New Zealand.

Comprising of two cushions and a generous throw, it is the definition of craftsmanship and an extreme exercise in tactility.



Discovered in the historic archives of a Scottish Tweed mill, this delicate weave of soft lamb and worsted wool boasts a rich and diverse heritage, from localised craft to international couture fashion collections.

Both cushion and throw are super smooth, super soft and created from material designed to last a lifetime.



Born from the process of weave manufacture, Check’s pattern is a result of its making process.

Inspired by the checkerboards of fabric samplers, by catalogues of woven threads, this throw and cushion offers a familiar texture – that of British summer days and picnics in the park.



London-made, Line is local industrial production at its best.

Graphic lines, block colours and alternating patterns are inspired by Op Art, and achieved by machine knitting and technical programming.

Giving a bold graphic hit to our collection, our two cushions and throw are the bold, graphic precision-engineered statement pieces of tomorrow.

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