World Design Week Network @ Salone Milan 2015

World Design Week Network @ Salone Milan 2015

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Tokyo Design Week hosted the second annual World Design Week Summit on April 16th at the Museo del Novecento, Milan

Initiatives developed included —

Launching a global event database with Design Weeks around the world,

Creating a global network with international creators, and

Establishing the World Design Week Award Grand Prix.


world design week summit milan 2015 (2)

The first gathering, which launched the World Design Week network, was held last April during Milan Design Week 2014, with more than 20 Design Events’ representatives in attendance, leading to the organization of 1st World Design Week Network Summit, in October 2014, in Tokyo.

The founder of Tokyo Designers Week, Kenji Kawasaki, invited the members of the network to gather together in Japan in October, during Tokyo Design Week 2014


Tokyo Oct 2014 WDW Summit

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The World Design Week is a network where those design weeks connect each other to share our information.

“At the World Design Week Summit, we actually sit around a table and exchange experience for creating an even better creative event.”

world design week summit tokyo 2014 (1)

world design week summit tokyo 2014 (1)

Kristin McCourtie, Manager and Director, Design Foundation represented Design Matters: Melbourne International Design Week at World Design Week Summit 2014 in Tokyo


As a result, 18 Design Weeks expressed interest to become members of this initiative.


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2015 WDW Summit,  Milan Apr 2015

world design network summit 2015 milan (2)

world design network summit 2015 milan (1)

world design week summit milan 2015 (1)

world design week summit milan 2015 representatives


One initiative to emerge from the Milan Summit is that there will be an international comprehensive creative award to enhance the network between the 5 regions of Europe, North America, South America, Asia and Africa.

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Each design event proposes its best design of the year to compete for the best of the region and the best of the best, the WDW AWARD Grand-Prix.



World Design Weeks are Uniting

by Ewa Kumlin

World Design Summit with Design weeks from all over the world seeking wider collaboration

Thanks to our well organized Tokyo friends and the initiator Kenji Kawasaki and Yusaku Inamura and their team, a second World Design Week Summit was held in Milan during the Salone week, with members from all over the world, an amazing gathering, like a UN of Design Weeks (festivals, events etc).

Since our last summit in Tokyo in October, an impressive progress had been made.

The Tokyo team had prepared a web site, and developed the plans and purposes to be further discussed.

The European group had met in Munich to start defining a strategy.

Beatrice Leanze of Beijing Design Week, was moderating the session, and had also arranged the venue with the city of Milan with the support of the Mayor of Milan.

Teams were set up in regions with Europe, Asia and the Americas with responsible coordinators.

Anyway, as a network, the first steps are practical;

1) to exchange all the contacts and to establish a calendar when and where all the design weeks (festivals, biennals, events) take place, a web page.

2) to set up goals and visions and a strategy on how to make use of this unique exchange opportunities, in between the organizers,

3) how to communicate externally.

Meeting in real life, face to face, and make friends, is a very good, and necessary, first step indeed.



Here you can see more than 50 Design Weeks and Festivals in the world –



Stockholm Design Week

Duration:February 3th – 9th
Description:Stockholm Furniture and Lighting Fair featuring shop events.


Stockholm Design Week.jpg


Kansas City Design Week

Duration:February 28th – March 8th
Description:Fashion, industrial design, graphic design, and urban design for the development design culture in Kansas.




Singapore Design Week

Duration:March 10th – 16th
Description: Local and international design trade shows, conferences and workshops span various design disciplines. International Furniture Fair Singapore (IFFS) also takes place during the fair


Singapore Design Week.jpg


Pordenone Design Week

Duration:March 11th – 15th
Description:Various workshops are organized by students, designers, and educators to solve specific issues which companies are facing through design


Pordenone Design Week.jpg


Design Week Holon

Duration:March 27th – 30th
Description:Design exhibitions in various galleries around the City of Holon, and interactive design activities for the general public in the Museum forecourt. Organized by Museum Holon.


Design Week Holon.jpg


Tortona Around Design

Duration: April 8th – 13th
Description:Animates the entire city of Milan in the period of April. Design events take place in the via Savona-via Tortona, in correspondence of the Salone del Mobile that takes place in exhibition center in Rho




Florence Design Week

Duration:April 22nd – May 1st
Description:Graphic and visual design, industrial design, fashion, interior design, music and food design, collaboration with design associations from around the world.


Florence Design Week.jpg


AgIdeas International Design Week

Duration: April 29th ~ May 5th
Description:Interactive media design, 3D, visualart communication design.


Agldeas Internationial Design Week.jpg


Romanian Design Week

Duration:May 17th – 26th
Description:Promoting Romanian design to the world and further development of Romanian creative industries.


Romanian Design Week.jpg


Clerkenwell Design Week

Duration:May 20th – May 22nd
Description:Featuring more than 60 events, pop-up exhibitions and special installations, as well as offering special programs and foods.




Saint-Petersburg Design Week

Duration:May 21st – May 29th
Description:Featuring various outdoor exhibitions as well as organizing seminars and workshops.




Belgrade Design Week

Duration:May 25th – June 1st
Description:Object, illustration, and digital design are displayed at museums.


Belgrade Design Week.jpg


Berlin Design Week

Duration:May 28th – June 1st
Description:Numerous galleries, museums, studios and design institutions host exhibitions and events throughout the city of Berlin.




Barcelona Design Week

Duration:June 2nd – 14th
Description:Exhibitions, conferences on design thinking anda design management awards ceremony. Organized by Barcelona Design Center. The guest country of 2014 is Israel.


Barcelona Design Week.jpg


Design Miami / Basel

Duration:June 17th – 22th
Description:A premier venue for collecting, exhibiting, discussing and creating collectible design.


Design Miami-Basel.jpg


San Francisco Design Week

Duration: June 17th ~22nd
Description:A premier venue for collecting, exhibiting, discussing and creating collectible design.




Sofia Design Week

Duration:June 21st – 30th
Description:Guest talks by prominent individuals and designers from all over the world as well as featuring numerous workshops on design.


Sofia Design Week.jpg


Design Week Kortrijk

Duration:June 23rd – 30th
Description:Industrial design, architecture and graphic design.


Screen Shot 2013-06-27 at 10.12.52.png


Beirut Design Week

Duration:June 24th – 30th
Description:Local products “Made in Beirut. Design sessions are organized by designers, students and educators from Beirut


Beirut Design Week.jpg


Sao Paolo Design Weekend

Duration:August 15th – 18th
Description:Established in 2012.Featuring design trade shows and Brazil Design Awards.


Sao Paolo Design Weekend.JPG


Oklahoma Design Week

Duration:August 21st – 25th
Description: Touch design through real experience with body―movie night, paper university and more workshops are held.




Design Week Birmingham

Duration:August 21st – 28th
Description:A multi-faceted event uniting architects, landscape architects, graphic designers, interior designers and industrial designers.


Design Week Birmingham.jpg



Helsinki Design Week

Duration:September 4th – 14th
Description:Numerous workshops and lecturers on design, and Children Helsinki Design Week.




Paris Design Week

Duration:September 9th – 15th
Description:Art, design, food, architecture and workshop take place at more than 180 place throughout Paris.




Seattle Design Week

Duration:September 13th – 22nd
Description:3 main streets in Seattle become the center of architecture, furniture, and design.




Tirana Design Week

Duration:September 14th – October 14th
Description:Numerous contemporary art works themed after modernization and urbanization.


Tirana Design Week.jpg


STL Design Week

Duration:September 23rd – 29th
Description:Design and movies are displayed at museums


STL Design Week.jpg


Beijing Design Week

Duration:September 26th – October 3rd
Description:Organized by Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China, Ministry of Science and Technology of the People’s Republic of China, Ministry of Culture of the People’s Republic of China, The Municipal Government of Beijing


Beijing Design Week.jpg


Vienna Design Week

Duration:September 26th – October 5th
Description:Museums, design companies, and designers from around the world participate in this festival.


Vienna Design Week.jpg


Tent London

Duration:September 18th – 21st
Description:First staged in 2003, the London Design Festival is one of the world’s most important annual design events. 100%design,Tent London will be held during the festival.




Taiwan Designers Week

Duration:September 27th – October 6th
Description:Featuring workshops and talk by prominent designers from around the world.


Taiwan Designers Week.jpg


Budapest Design Week

Duration:September 27th – October 6th
Description:Featuring design workshops and design events for children as well as offering design tours in the city


Budapest Design Week.jpg


Design Week Portland

Duratioin:October 7th – 12th
Description:Graphic design, architecture, industrialdesign, and fashion.


Design Week Portland.jpg


Moscow Design Week

Duration:October 11th – 17th
Description:Organizing culture, design, and business forums.


Moscow Design Week.jpg


DC Design Week

Duration:October 14th – 20th
Description:Many seminars focus on the impact of design on the society and discuss the potential and possibility of design to change societies, organizations, and way of life.




Design Week Mexico

Duration:October 16th – December 4th
Description:Organizing conferences and seminars (Design Saturdays)




Phoenix Design Week

Duration:October 18th – 25th
Description:Pecha Kucha Night、Featuring “Pecha Kucha Night” and talks by designers.


Phoenix Design Week.jpg


Dutch Design Week

Country:the Netherlands
Duration:October 19th – 27th
Description:Student and school exhibitions and product presentations are held throughout the city.




Duration:October 25th – November 3rd
Description:Having “Design””Art””Fashion””Music” as 4 main themes, TDW offers various events, exhibitions, talk sessions, presentations and workshops. Asia Awards and World Design Week Summit will be also held.



Design Week Ireland

Duration:November 4th – January 10th
Description:Talks and debates by prominent individuals, design display and workshops.


Design Week Ireland.jpg


Istanbul Design Week

Duration:November 27th – December 1st
Description: Creative sessions and workshops across the genres.

Istanbul Design Week.jpg


Bahrain International Design Week

Duration:December 5th – 7th
Description:Personal design, Architecture, interior design, and Services in Design including Design Universities and Schools


Bahrain International Design Week.jpg


Design Miami

Duration:December 3rd – 7th
Description:Design Miami is more than a marketplace for design, where the world’s top galleries gather to present museum-quality exhibitions of 20th and 21st century furniture, lighting and objets d’art


Design Miami.jpg


Guangzhou Design Week

Duration:December 6th – 8th
Description:The biggest design business event in China


Guangzhou Design Week.jpg

Other Design Events

Bangkok Design Festival

期間:May 8th – 30th
Description:A showcase of dance, drama and music of East and West, in traditional, modern and fusion forms. The weekend evening shows are mostly intelligible to non-Thai speakers.


Bangkok Design Festival.jpg


India Design ID

Duration:February 14th – 16th
Description:The 3 facets of India Design ID: Exhibit ID, ID Symposium, ID Satellite


India Design ID.jpg


Design Indaba

Country:South Africa
Duration:February 28th -March 2nd
Description:Design Indaba is a multifacetedplatform committed to a better world through creativity.




Design Days Dubai

Duration:March 17th – 21st
Description:Owned and managed by Art Dubai Fair LLC. A leading fair in the Middle East and South Asia dedicated to collectible and limited edition furniture and design objects.


Design Days Dubai.jpg


LA Design Festival

Duration:June 13th – 30th
Description:An annual series of events staged around greater Los Angeles celebrating outstanding local and international design talent


Screen Shot 2013-06-10 at 8.06.20 PM.png


London Design Festival

Duration:September 13th – 21st
特 徴:London Design Festival was established in 2003 in order to promote the city of London for the touristic purpose. Along with this festival, Tent London and 100% London will be also held at the same time.




Design Days Geneva

Duration:September 26th – 29th
Description:Furniture, lighting, kitchens, siding and accessories, prototype with limited editions of the object unique industrial design and production Swiss as well as international.


Design Days Geneve.jpg


Łód’ z Design Festival

Duration:October 17th – 27th
Description:The festival presents design in its various modes – starting from industrial design, through arts and crafts, graphic design, architecture, up to fashion


Lotz Design Festival.jpg


Seoul Design Festival

Country:South Korea
Duration:December 18th – 22nd
Description:The festival provides the perfect opportunity to stay warm indoors and view the latest in innovationsin design from local artists to major corporations


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