Salone Milan 2010 – Fish Peep Show

Peep-Show, Fishes and other Objects of Desire was an installation created especially for the event by the Interior Architecture/Space Design section of the Haute Ecole d’art et de Design – Geneva. 

The project was designed in such a way that it grabbed any viewer’s attention. Despite the fact that the exterior had a subtle design it drew the viewer in to the installation by capturing their attention. The seven different shaped spatial modules invited the viewer to experience an unusual spatial elucidation which ended up being a journey of surprise!

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The installation which was composed of seven different shaped modules was set in such a way that when seen as a whole it formed separate mysterious chambers. Placed inside in each of these modules is the aquarium – “an object of the crystallization of the imagination literally captivating” our desire of curiosity. These chambers however had some form of communication through the peep-show, and the interaction which existed between the viewer on one side, the fish, and the viewer on the other side. Various elements interacted to create a serene feeling of satisfaction as we were trying to peep inside the fish tank. However, to our astonishment with a feeling of as if we were caught on the act, we realized that there was a viewer on the other side overlooking at us during our satisfaction of curiosity fulfillment.


Aquarium designed by Laura Ventura, Giancarlo Mino (Interior Architecture / Space Design department)

Verre soufflé miroité     Photography : Sandra Pointet  

The fish tank acts as the trigger of this peep show; the transparency it provides or the opacity creates various observations possible. The fish within the tanks are the protagonists of the peep-show and they transform the installation constantly. The “heart” of the entire installation suggests the setting of a 19th century museum of natural history. The installation underlies the students’ contemplation of ornament in its coherent relation to the design object. The scenography of the installation contributes to create a well presented interactive installation which creates various moods and presents multiple meanings to the viewer.

Ice Cube

Aquarium designed by Maurane Jullien, Céline Bhend, Noémie Vauthey (Interior Architecture / Space Design department)

Plexiglas transparent et translucide     Photography : Sandra Pointet  


Ambiant responsive aquarium

Aquarium designed by Fabio Colucci, Maxime Baillard (Interior Architecture department), with Alexandre Burdin-François, Elwood-Léo Spafford and Max Mollon (Media Design Master programme), Software development: Matthieu Cherubini, Théo Reichel Textile découpé au laser et câbles nylon         Photography : Sandra Pointet   

Aquatic creatures on mobile devices

Leïla Jaquet in collaboration with Stanislas Bernatt (Media Design Master programme)  Software development: Douglas Edric Stanley, Pierre Rossel, Théo Reichel, David Hodgetts            Photography : Sandra Pointet  

Still Life

Mobile aquarium

Clovis Duran and Nicolas Rivet,  Media Design Master programme,  Software development: Douglas Edric Stanley, Théo Reichel               Photography : Sandra Pointet

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