Martini Pop Art Gallery @ Salone Milan 2013

Martini Pop Art Gallery @ Salone Milan 2013

Milano Design Week 2013 - Martini Pop Art Gallery

This year at the Salone del Mobile in Milan, drink, art and innovation left their mark !

In one of the most picturesque locations in the Brera Academy. Visual art and live performances! An explosion of glamor and freshness signed Martini Royale, the cocktail exclusive destination within the Brera Design District.


Martini & Rossi has officially started the celebrations of its “first” 150 years presenting to an exclusive FuoriSalone ” Martini Pop Art Gallery ”  inspired by the values ​​that have marked its history: Italian spirit, a vocation for art, love for young talents.

With the Pop Art Gallery presentation, Martini has created a multi-disciplinary laboratory in collaboration with the New Academy of Fine Arts in Milan ( NARA ), an exhibition space and a performance open to all, where young talents from NABA have proposed an original show every day dedicated to one of their study courses application: eg  photography, fashion, graphics and music by creating artistic performance / workshop inspired by the Martini brand and its communication history.


Icon of Made in Italy:

For the occasion, the MARTINI ® POP ART GALLERY, in addition to historical posters that have made the brand an icon of Made in Italy, will be exhibited for the first time 3 Martini unpublished sketches signed by Lucio Venna and Franz Marangolo.


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The advertising sketches, though never chosen to be printed as posters, are highly sought after by collectors, since the original designs and therefore unique pieces, often of great artistic value, it is often difficult to find works, which were usually kept in the archives of the commissioners, or who remained at the printer.

Martini by Steve Forney

It was on July 1, 1863 when he filed the birth of the company, and from there a few years the poster would become the main advertising vehicle. Martini & Rossi ® made ​​it a symbol of their own story using the work of the most important poster artists, among them Marcello Dudovich in the twenties and Armando Testa in the fifties.


The logo by Livio Cibrario:

In 1925 he was also born in the hit logo “Ball and Bar”, which is the renowned icon of the brand, consists of a red ball topped by a black cartridge with the words Martini .


The origin is not documented with accuracy but, by tradition, it is said that it was Livio Cibrario, returning from London, to submit to Rossi Montelera, three models of logos, including the Reds chose pulse – with much insight happy – what came to be used.

Recorded in 1929 as a trademark for alcoholic products in Italy and abroad, this logo accounted for more than 80 years, a perfect synthesis of style and identity of the brand, and it still stands in a central position on the bottles of Martini.

Italian historical enterprise:

It is also thanks to the care and love for the image, art and design that in its 150 years, the name Martini took three meanings now recognized in every context and the market: an Italian from the historical vocation, a brand known worldwide and a product 100% natural, declined in the range of Red, White, Rosé and Dry.


Three distinct but complementary and closely intertwined with the history of the company that make Martini synonymous with distinctive style, glamor and joy of contemporary living.

A perfect synthesis, which blends Italian style and the harmonious taste of the aperitif par excellence.

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