Good Fucking Design Advice

Good Fucking Design Advice

G.F.D.A was started just over a year ago as a collaborative project between designer / educators Brian Buirge and Jason Bacher and is now gaining significant momentum.

The site originally started as a humorous side project while in graduate school and has since taken off to garner international attention. Like anything well considered, the strong message is simple, bold and makes you smile.

The first year of G.F.D.A was about taking chances, realizing opportunities, discovering passion, and hard work

Jason and Brian (best friends & now business partners) started GFDA out of their basement. They acknowledge how endless amounts of hard work have gone into this project and how things just kept going wrong. But what started off as a silly side project became this thing that harbored a lot of passion for these guys. The vision goes way beyond posters and coffee cups.

G.F.D.A gets a lot of attention for the “F**K” word but it’s so much more than that. “Fuck” just helps get the point across.

Looking forward, Brian and Jason wish to continue what they’ve started, providing opportunities to motivated, passionate individuals, inspiring them to be fearless in their approach and tenacious in their design pursuits. It will be interesting to see where this creative duo take this project.

Click the photo montage below to view individual pledges from designers around the world

About Jason Bacher

Born and raised in the US Midwest, Jason Bacher is no stranger to working hard and getting shit done.

Jason is a graphic designer.

He graduated from Kent State University with a BFA in Visual Communication Design

Upon graduation, I decided to further my education and pursue the opportunity to one day become an educator.

My undergraduate focus was 2D print, but with the rapidly changing landscape of design, I have embraced technology and begun to do more work in the way of web development and programming.

Jason is tenacious in his pursuit to make change, answer questions, and redefine the way people think.

In the midst of writing his thesis, Designing for Education Debt Management, he hopes to modify peoples attitudes and behaviors toward investing in their future.

Jason splits his time between being a full-time student, teaching, operating two businesses, and enjoying hot Italian beef sandwiches.

Jason is currently enrolled as an MFA candidate at the same level 1 Carnegie Research Institution.

About Brian Buirge

Brian Buirge is an MFA candidate in Visual Communication Design at Kent State University.

He works as a freelance Designer specializing in branding, corporate identity development, design planning + strategy, and web + interactive design.

Interview via Tilt Shift Rotate website

How did G.F.D.A. come about?

Jason and Brian are designers, educators and entrepreneurs currently working towards their master of fine arts degrees in design. They have a passion for hard work, teaching, and creating new opportunities to share with other aspiring creatives…

Who do you think needs your advice the most?

Everyone, especially ourselves. We hope our advice is as inspiring and motivating to others as it is to ourselves…

Which piece of advice do you guys need the most?

“Drink less fucking coffee.” It’s easy to overdue it on the coffee when you’re a full-time masters candidate, operating a freelance business, and G.F.D.A all at the same time.

Which one piece of advice would you give to a naive upstart in the industry?

“Get over your fucking self”

Which one piece of advice would you give to a seasoned professional?

“Document your fucking successes.”

Designers do a terrible job of documenting their successes beyond the aesthetic. As an industry we need to start thinking about new ways to create value. Design annuals and awards showcasing the final artifact are great, but we need to move towards creating documentation and case studies to prove the value of our work. It’s not just about something that looks good in the end.

You make comment about the overuse of Helvetica, what is your favorite typeface of 2011?

Of those made in 2011 or those more recently revisited? Skolar or Akkurat Pro?

You have branched out into merchandise, what is next for G.F.D.A.?

For 2012 we’ve redesigned our entire line of merchandise and plan to unroll it as the year progresses. We’re also planning to release an iPhone application and currently brainstorming some kind of industry publication.

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