R.I.P Knotted Chairs @ Milan Design Week 2011

R.I.P Knotted Chairs @ Milan Design Week 2011

This lightweight Knotted chair combines industrial techniques and handcrafting. A thread constructed of aramid and carbon fibres, is knotted into the shape of a chair and then impregnated with epoxy resin and hung in a frame to dry, leaving the final form in the hands of gravity.

The Knotted chair was a result of Droog’s 1996 Dry Tech I project.

At Cappellini’s Milan showroom, the last 25 production pieces in stock of Marcel Wanders iconic Knotted chairs ( a total of 1001 units have been made since production commenced in 1996) are being offered for Sale to the design lovers . Hung down a wall of the showroom the Knotted Chairs await their new owners until they are all sold out.

Marcel was interviewed by Arbitare Magazine ..

How did you meet Guilio Cappellini ?

It ‘was shortly after the debut of the Knotted Chair, which I presented for Droog Design in Milan in 1996. A few weeks later I visited my mother, it was a Saturday night about 10pm and the phone rang. My mother said: “It ‘s for you.”  Was Caps.

What inspired the Knotted Chair?  What is the meaning of this countdown ?

It is an important icon that I thought would last for some time. Unfortunately have had a very slow demand for sales for the piece. As it is not recyclable, it seemed reasonable to produce in limited quantities. Now we have a thousand and I think it’s time to stop the production.

It ‘s a product that primarily celebrates humanity.  With the Knotted Chair I managed to do something that I aspired for a long time: to bring together technology and craft. From a hi-tech to low-tech.

Who does the Rope knotting ?

At first we did the work with our own hands. Then we enlisted friends to help us.

Last question: What is the design today?

It ‘s more difficult to answer today than 10 years ago this question. Recently, the design is open to many possibilities. We now lives in a technocratic culture, which is becoming more subjective and personal. Many more people are interested in the design and I think an important thing.

The design is more subjective art: in my opinion this is the beauty.

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