Salone Milan 2010 – Yellow is “the new Pink”

Salone Milan 2010 – Yellow is “the new Pink”

Yellow  >> a color which has the ability to polarize like no other

Yellow has been recognized as the color of jealousy and betrayal. Yellow is the color of greed and decadence, as pretension to replicate gold or as a never-to-forget stigmatizing symbol.  All the more surprising that yellow has been declared “the” trend color as evidenced within the Salone Fair.

As early as 2009, Li Edelkoort spoke touted for yellow with the words, “Yellow is the new pink” and gave it favorable chances as a complementary color for gray, the new black.  A glorious, powerful beautiful Yellow !”

Is it during these recent “time of crisis” that we simply need the sun, good moods and a whole lot of bright spots ?   As Volker Streckel, ( Design Post, Cologne ) so aptly pronounced, “Nothing is more yellow than yellow itself!”







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