Salone Milan 2010 – Bitossi does Fornasetti

Salone Milan 2010 – Bitossi does Fornasetti

When Barnaba Fornasetti’s (1913-1988) son, Piero five years ago found by chance, a form of plaster that his father had designed for a vessel some time ago, he didn’t think that a random event could develop a project and a partnerships like the one that has been consolidated in this time frame with Bitossi Ceramics.

The encounter between Barnabas and the Company has resulted in much planning and harmony that has decided to apply to the original form of gypsum theme perhaps more identification work Fornasetti “Theme and Variations”, activating a collaboration that has produced three editions.

Each object is expressed also the potential that this magical woman’s face, suspended between classicism and modernity, reminds us with the flirty eyes and toothy grin that: the “theme” of an applicant timeless femininity on each vessel has intervened, first, with “variations” on the color, finish, the material presented to the new for 2010: In this fourth edition of  “Theme and Variations”

New does not only refer to the application of decorative theme applicant to use even different shapes from vases as lamps, furniture or teapots. A further aspect of novelty is the fact Rearviewmirror knowledge of techniques relating to ceramics tradition in Barnaba Fornasetti has been appropriated by a strong attendance at the Museum, Archives and laboratories Bitossi Pottery.

For almost all the new edition will be limited: a choice due to technical difficulty in achieving real cuts in a workmanlike but sewn seems on the mark Bitossi Pottery and its good design.

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