Salone Milan 2010 – 100% British Design @ la Rinacenta

Salone Milan 2010 – 100% British Design @ la Rinacenta

The most exclusive party of the week was thrown at Rinascente, the famous Italian department store, to highlight British-made goods (the show was called “100% British Design”).

The Rinacente is the most fashionable department store in milan. In 2009 it established a major sales presentation focussed on contemporary design – “the design supermarket“,   on the store’s basement level, offering useful design objects from all over the world.

This year, 100% British Design, the brainchild of the Design Team at the British Consulate General Milan, will host a Design Supermarket within the basement of the famous and exclusive La Rinascente department store in the centre of the city.

For the duration of the fair, this space within La Rinascente will act as a salesroom for large quantities of British designers. The pieces boast design solutions that can be purchased, used and enjoyed in every day life.

This is the first year the “design supermarket” will be participating in the fair, and their goal is to create a cultural as well as commercial experience centering on the unique character of British Design.

Not only did Prince Andrew, Duke of York, pitch up for the opening party, but everything was for sale.

Prince andrew drops into SuperStudio Piu and meets Innermost


100% British Design at la Rinascente 10 April – 2 May 2010 100% Design London teams up with UK Trade & Investment in Milan

Image:Globetrotter Sendai luggage by Erdem

This year during the Milan International Furniture Fair, 100% Design London will be co-sponsoring the show 100% British Design at Design Supermarket within la Rinascente, the most exclusive department store in the city.

Walk through the perfume section, past Tom Ford and under Loius Vuitton and directly to the escalator that will bring you down, and get ready to be awed.

For the duration of the Fair, British designers—many that have been hand-selected from previous 100% Design exhibitors’ lists—will have the opportunity to showcase and do business in Design Supermarket, which has become world-renowned for its clean aesthetic and modern outlook designed by Claudio Silvestrin and Giuliana Salmaso.

Recent 100% Design alumni exhibiting include Anglepoise, Black + Blum, Innermost, Modus, SCP, The New English and Thelermont Hupton. Marina Iremonger, Head of the Design Team at the British Consulate General Milan, and Gilles Massè, Head of the Home Division of la Rinascente, came up with the idea of organising this event during their visit to the London Design Festival in September 2009.

The project was shared with Vittorio Radice, Chief Executive Officer of la Rinascente who in the past 5 years has led the transformation of the department store, strongly believing in the creation of the Design Supermarket.

SCP, the British design company that has always championed home-grown talent, had managed to get everything made and delivered on time, including the “Ulrik” stool by Alex Hellum and the “Sum” shelves by star designer Peter Marigold .

“100% British Design” chosen brands:


Original lamp 1277

At Anglepoise, we are thrilled to be celebrating the 75th Anniversary of the first 1227 Anglepoise® lamp. To mark this occasion we have reissued the original lamp. This product featured on a Royal Mail stamp this year celebrating ten British Design Classics such as the Mini, Concorde, the Routemaster bus, and the Underground map.
The Terry family have been continually producing Anglepoise® lamps since they were invented in 1932 by George Carwardine. In 1934 the refined three spring version was introduced and subsequently its form and function have become iconic benchmarks. When it was launched the world had never seen anything quite like it, and this particular design inspired generations of users including The Queen, Roald Dahl and Lloyd George. In its journey it has come to represent something quintessentially British.

We are proud to showcase our latest production at La Rinascente’s new Design Supermarket: the Original1227. Reissued in 2009, the Original1227 is made of aluminium with a cast iron base. It is available in four classic colours: red, black, blue and cream and we are just launching a chrome version. It has been adapted to meet worldwide electrical safety standards; and in the spirit of our times, it is supplied with an energy saving light bulb.

For further information please contact Anglepoise at


Draining rack High Dry colour lime

black+blum are an Anglo-Swiss partnership who joined forces in 1998 and based themselves in London. Their designs have won numerous awards and are sold through selected stores all over the world. They are driven by the opportunity to give each design their own unique character and soul. Their brief is to create functional products that will charm and entertain.

New Product launches:

High&Dry – A sculptural dishrack that is inspired by architecture. The design is highly functional and simply folds from flat to fully erect. It holds an amazing amount considering the compact size. The spikes hold delicate champagne glasses upright. The optional draining tray has an ingenious folding spout which allows you to choose whether the excess water drains or not.

Box Appetit – A revolutionary new lunch box. More like a ceramic bowl than your standard food container and with better functionality. The ‘glass like’ lid locks to the body for a water tight seal and has an ingenious sauce dipping area (good for sushi lovers). A sauce pot is ideal for salad dressing (or ketchup), so you can dress your salad just before you eat it. An inner dish allows you to split different foods so you can microwave a hot dish, but keep other foods cold. We have also included a fork / knife for easy one handed eating.

Case Furniture

Lap Shelves

Case is a London based manufacturer that creates fine quality designs for the international furniture market. Case brings first-rate design principles and advanced manufacturing techniques to an area of the market more associated with imitation and mediocrity. Case works exclusively with designers who have an implicit understanding of advanced manufacturing techniques and of how to deliver products that is everyday iconic.

Case is a brand at the vanguard of creativity and has won international awards for its collections, Case is where good design comes as standard.


Stellar Astro lamp

Damdesign are pleased to be a part of the 100% British Design within the Design Supermarket at the La Rinascente flagship store in Milan. We will proudly be presenting our Stellar Lights range of floor, table and pendant lamps originally selected for Heals Discovers.
The range is inspired by the natural way tessellations work, using them to create a 3D tactile pattern which transforms simple forms into complex, arresting patterns. Damdesign has a certain minimalist style which resounds through their portfolio of interior products and accessories. Every design intrinsically uses the available material and process to their limits, in order to create extraordinary out of the ordinary, without succumbing to decorative dressing. The work has been published in national and international trade and consumer lifestyle publications as a mark of individual expression in design.

Damdesign believe that less is definitely more. They adopt a holistic creative process to achieve minimalist and modular design solutions. Their inspiration comes from nature and the interaction of people with everyday objects. They relish working with new technologies, whilst pushing the boundaries of existing processes. The company offers consultancy to manufacturers and a fully bespoke service in addition to its own products for the contract and consumer market.

Donna Wilson

Foxleaf version Peacock cover

Donna Wilson has been quoted as being ‘wonderful with wool’, a ‘material marvel’, a ‘textile designer extraordinaire’ and even an ‘All round textile legend’. As these descriptions suggest, her distinctive designs have won her an army of dedicated fans around the world and given her a reputation as one of Scotland’s brightest design stars. Chnaracterised by a playful nature, tactile aesthetic and multicoloured palette Donna Wilson’s work ranges from colourful knitted creatures to striking upholstered furniture designs.

After graduating in 2003 Donna set up her own studio which now produces designs for sale in over 15 countries across the globe, which is a lot. As well as her collection of lovable creatures, the past 7 years have seen Donna produce blankets and cushions, trays, wooden dolls, scarves and socks, tea towels, upholstered furniture and even stationery and books.  For more information /images/prices or anything please contact us at



Ercol furniture makes furniture with high quality and high design. The company was founded in 1920 and is still a privately owned and family managed. We built a new 16,000 square metre factory for ourselves in 2002 deep in the Chiltern Hills some 30 miles north west of London; it is a modern building housing a large furniture manufacturing facility.
The building is a highly environmentally sound structure and has won national awards for its sustainability. Ercol works primarily in solid wood, oak, ash, elm and beech that it sources from sustainable woodlands in North America and in Europe.
We use a combination of modern computer controlled machines matched with delicate craftsmanship by hand; each method to where it is most appropriate. The finishes we use in our factory are solely water borne stains and lacquers with a final wax finish applied by hand. We now employ 150 craftsmen, designers, marketers and all those involved in creating good furniture.

The Ercol design team takes furniture from concept to final production working with designs that the team has create and working with other distinguished designers in the furniture industry. Ercol has a diversified range of furniture in design style, manufacture, and pricing for living, dining and bedrooms.

Established & Sons

Heidi – Sebastian
Established & Sons is a uniquely positioned British design company focused on producing and representing all that is innovative in contemporary design. Working with some of the world leading designers, architects and artists, Established & Sons since its launch in April 2005 has become highly revered and respected internationally.
“We have not wavered from our original mission which was to create a world leading design company that would provide a successful commercial platform for British and British based designers, this is still at the very root of our business, only now, having become a leading brand in the industry we are attracting and working with the best designers from oversees”, says Alasdhair Willis, CEO Established & Sons.



The products are divided into two main collections; The Principle and The Signature.
The Principle Collection consists of the high volume, production designs which are suitable for both commercial projects and residential use. Launched in 2005, this collection grows year on year providing a platform with equal contributions to champion new design talent alongside some of the world’s foremost designers and architects.
Launched in 2007 The Signature Collection is produced in very low numbers and is made to order. Some of these high end designs are available only as a limited production run. These pieces combine beauty of design with advanced technologies whilst maintaining their integrity to craftsmanship and high production values. By working with some of the world’s most acclaimed designers and architects, Established & Sons has accomplished iconic works that are highly desirable, feature designs.
A unique method of collaboration and commissioning has come to characterise Established & Sons’ work: the company’s mission is to harness the energy and originality of emerging design talents, such as Front and Sylvain Willenz, as well as to produce work by established contemporary designers, including Zaha Hadid and Jasper Morrison.

Globe Trotter

Synonymous with great British design since 1897, Globe-Trotter suit cases are the very definition of Modern Heritage. A timeless classic, Globe-Trotter offers a uniquely strong, yet lightweight, functionality with a stark, instantly recognisable aesthetic. The cases are entirely hand made using a specially bonded paper material, vulcanised fibreboard, invented in Britain in the 1850s, which is as light as aluminium and as strong as leather.
For over 100-years, the unique characteristics of the suit case were recognised and coveted by Royalty and Great British icons such as H.R.H. Queen Elizabeth II who chose Globe-Trotter for her honeymoon luggage; and Sir Winston Churchill who always used the 18” attaché, which served as his Despatch Case when he was Chancellor of the Exchequer.
The durability combined with its light construction made it the choice of countless explorers. Sir Edmund Hilary found Globe-Trotter suit cases ideal to take up to first base camp during his conquest of Everest in 1951.





Jeeves & Wooster

When Innermost began in London in 1999, the heart of the Innermost business lay in innovation. A decade on and it is still this commitment to cutting edge design that has kept our work fresh and exciting, allowing us to create a range of truly unique products with some of the world’s most talented designers. At Innermost we understand the importance of cultivating new talent so we don’t just work with established designers, our creative minds come from all over the world, many of whom are in the fledgling stages of their careers and realise their first experience of manufacturing with us at Innermost. Our products are now available around the world and we continue to expand our range of lighting, interior accessories and furniture offering customers the best in creative new design with the assurance of Innermost quality.

The Innermost 2009 collection includes work by notable designers including Michael Young, Shin Azumi, Winnie Lui, Anthony Dickens, Anne Kyyro Quinn and Cédric Ragot.

James Plumb

Sampson lamp

JAMESPLUMB is Hannah Plumb and James Russell, two artists under one name who work with the overlooked and discarded, taking time worn antiques and cast-offs to produce one-off assemblages, luminaires and interiors.
A couple who met whilst studying Fine Art Sculpture they now work together under the combined name of JAMESPLUMB which represents the single artistic voice that builds on their different but complementary approaches. The pair relish responding to interiors and creating unique commissions – bringing an eye for the unusual and a passion for the timeless. Their interiors have traces of history, but with new stories to tell.  Their approach to their luminaires and assemblage is respectful and careful, preserving the character and authenticity of the subject whilst creating something entirely new.

For 100% British Design they will exhibit their ‘Cluster Chandelier’ for the first time, in which lampshades of all shapes and sizes cluster together jostling for position.  Any number of shades can be combined to create a completely unique cluster – finished in vintage fabrics and suspended by hand dyed silk flex.  Furtermore they will exhibit their widely acclaimed ‘Sampson’ and ‘Albie’ limited edition dog lights. The beauty and history of the commonplace but forgotten have a restored confidence and identity under the hand of JAMESPLUMB, as they reveal and celebrate the stories real or imagined that might have gone untold – monuments to the anonymous.


Float magazine rack

j-me is a partnership formed by brothers Jamie and Mark Antoniades, specialising in contemporary design-led gifts and living accessories for the home. The j-me philosophy of ‘original design’ aims to create everyday products which balance function & fun. The living range includes an array of shoe racks, wine racks, coat racks and magazine racks all offer purpose without lacking in elegance and contemporary freshness. The gift range is a charming compliment to the living range – the gift items have a strong presence and identity within today’s industry. All the products strive to be an invaluable addition to the household by providing a practical answer to everyday storage issues, but at the same time being design pieces to fall in love with.

In October 2007, we decided we needed to be in the centre of London in order to be closer to creative inspiration. The OXO tower was the chosen destination. Since this time growth has been steep & extremely rewarding. This relocation inspired the introduction of the new “living range” in 2009. Sitting alongside the “gift range” the j-me brand is now recognised by a wider audience.

Love My Dog

Thornproof cape with Deerstalker hat

Lilly Shahravesh founded her design-led pet couture and accessory business Love My Dog in 2003, after a 14 year career in fashion as a knitwear designer. Based in London’s fashionable Hoxton, an area renowned as a hotbed of creative ideas and cutting-edge style ,Love My Dog has quickly established itself as the leading pet couture supplier in Britain, thanks to its mix of London cool and British tradition. Lilly is the UK’s leading pet couturier, still hand-making many of the dog coats, bandanas, blankets and beds herself. Lilly has worked with Jacqui Small Publishing & St Martins Press New York to publish the “Canine Couture” Book, a step by step guide on how to make lifestyle and fashion accesories for their four legged friends. Canine couture is published in the UK, USA, Italy & Germany.

Main Love My Dog Stockists:
Harrods, Selfridges, Heals, The Conran Shop UK
Gumps San Francisco, The Conran Shop NY

Michael Anastassiades

Beauty Mirror gold

Michael Anastassiades launched his studio in 1994 to explore contemporary notions of culture and aesthetics through a combination of product, furniture and environmental design. For years he has produced his work in very limited quantities as editions of quality crafted pieces and small runs. In 2007 he set up a company to increase the availability of his objects. He traveled around the world and located small family run workshops to fabricate his pieces. The workshops were selected for their unique manufacturing skills and tradition in the use of materials.

The collection presented here are the first pieces to be introduced following two years of meticulous preparation. It combines fine detailing with honestly expressed materials reinforcing the elegant simplicity of the designs. All the products are handmade in unlimited editions. The glass work is free blown, the stone work is hand carved, and the metal finishes are bespoke. Each piece, stamped with the designer’s mark, is manufactured in accordance with the purity of his original vision. Michael Anastassiades’ philosophy is to produce exceptionally designed objects of permanent value.

Modus Furniture

Drop stool

Modus is an award-winning British based design and manufacturing company committed to producing the best in contemporary design. Working with some of the world’s most renowned International designers including Michael Sodeau, Pearson Lloyd, Christophe Pillet, Modus also collaborate with young emerging design talent.

Using advanced manufacturing processes and working with a wide selection of materials, the brand is committed to producing the highest quality furniture for domestic and contract use. Modus has a strong network of stockists and dealers worldwide. Please visit for more details.
Drop Stool –  The Drop stool by Monica Forster for Modus has an organic shape with smooth contours and clean lines. Its distinctive shape and vibrant colours can be used to break up spaces in different environments. Upholstered in fabric or leather in a select range of colours.

Orla Kiely

Multi Stem Print
The creative world of Orla Kiely was founded in 1995 to express visually, her love of pattern, colour, texture and rhythm, which as components all play and work together. Her instinctive graphic discipline to simplify and stylise everyday motifs and forms adds another dimension.
With clean orderly repeat constructions and a boldness of scale, her work achieves strength with a very modern quality, while her nostalgia for all things mid century, help make her patterns charming, uplifting and instantly recognisable.
From a small collection of accessories, commissioned by Harrods following her graduation from the Royal College of Art, the range has grown to include a complete ready-to-wear collection, travel, homeware and stationery.
Orla’s brand is recognised worldwide with stockists in the British, European, American and Japanese markets and includes her shop in Seven Dials, Covent Garden.



The Orla Kiely customer is creative, intelligent and stylish. She is not afraid to stand out and does it fashionably. The combination of high quality fabric and attention to detail leads to a loyal following. The latest campaigns have been styled by Leith Clark, editor of Lula.



Rona Meyuchas K born in Tel-Aviv 1975 got her MA in industrial design from the Scuola Politecnico di Design in Milan. Rona worked in different international design consultants in Milan and London until setting up her own design label.

rmkdesignoffice® founded in 2007 in East London are designing and making products in small scale production under its own label.
The first batch of products launched during Salone del Mobile in April 2007 at Romeo Gigli showroom together with DesignersBlock.
In 2008, Fiera Milano approached Rona in order to feature her work in the second edition book they published ‘BOX 40/2’ about emerging young designers under 40 who contributed to Italian companies. Later this year Rona has received Recognition of excellence in design from the Israeli government. In 2009 rmkdesignoffice® was selected to represent British design in different prestige design venues sponsored by the UKTI and British Design embassy in Milan.
Rona is also a freelance journalist and a lecturer.  At the beginning of 2010 kukka® brand was founded with the first collection of products,  ‘Blocks’. Rona’s work was published in international media such as design magazines, books and TV exhibited in different design events in Milan, London, Vienna, Tel-Aviv, Frankfort and Tokyo.


Frank, Henry and Ernest pouffes versione Treecloud

Initially celebrated for its pioneering spirit, modernist values and fastidious approach to design, SCP has gone on to become a highly respected British manufacturer with an international reputation for excellence. A quintessentially British company forged in the entrepreneurial heyday of the mid-1980’s, we stand for originality, quality and longevity.

SCP has spent the last two decades creating an expansive collection of beautiful contemporary furniture. We have also provided a platform for young designers to blossom, many of whom have gone on to become internationally renowned talents in their own right. We have carefully created and nurtured relationships with innovative and able trading partners, allowing us to set the industry standard in both quality and value. SCP promotes natural longevity, in design, process and spirit. We have always endeavoured to create things that will last, where possible using sustainable materials. We advocate the design of products that people will want to keep, encouraging both product care and use.
SCP, details that count.



Squint is a small British furniture design studio based in London’s East End.
It was launched in 2005 by Lisa Whatmough who trained as a Sculptor at Winchester School of Art, initially the pieces were selected antiques which were reworked with antique textiles and trimmings but as the company has grown the range is now an eclectic mix of hand made upholstery and accessories in the best of contemporary woven silks and tickings, classic designs meticulously made in England and upholstered traditionally, with tied springs and hand stitched seams and Squint has become known for unexpected one off pieces.

Our Bespoke range comprises of items such as Chesterfield sofas and iconic Egg chairs and includes all types of upholstered furniture as well as mirrors and lighting, each piece Bespoke incorporating a mix of contemporary and vintage fabrics.
We shall be showing part of our Bespoke collection at La Rinascente, two examples of the Squint Wing armchair with matching carved mahogany footstools and a selection of hand stitched cushions in assorted antique fabrics and trims.
The Conran Shop

Glove Chair

The Conran Shop is a unique and personal collection of contemporary, design classic and vintage furniture, lighting, home accessories and gifts.
The first Conran Shop opened in 1973 on the Fulham Road, Chelsea, in the Iconic Michelin building – originally conceived to offer a contemporary, confident and sophisticated product mix with an underlying core philosophy of simple, classic, functional and good value products. There are now Conran Shops in London, Paris, New York, Japan and Dublin. Exclusively to Italy la Rinascente’s Design Supermarket hosts the first shop in shop of The Conran Shop.

Terence Conran is the founder and owner of The Conran Shop. Terence remains closely involved in the business and with the product selection process.
“I look for products that work well and make people’s lives more comfortable.  Products that surprise and raise a smile with their wit and charm and have a magic ingredient that makes everybody want to own them.  In my own designs I try to create products for the home that make life easier.  Well made things that gain a pleasant patina from careful use over the years and slip seamlessly into people’s lives and give them years of pleasure.”  Sir Terence Conran.
The New English

TNE Maison

The New English is brings together the 250 year heritage of fine bone china manufacturing skills with the brightest design talents from around the world to create exciting new china table and giftware products which are designed to amuse, to soothe and to surprise in equal measure. Already the subject of much media interest – The Financial Times, in its September 09 issue, described New English as “shaking up what some perceive as a conservative mindset with cutting edge ceramics”  The Guardian, said “If you’re feeling rebellious, try The New English” and The New York Times have included their products in the Christmas 09 gift issue.

Already debuting in the U.K. at Liberty of London, Rue St Honore in Paris, TableArt Los Angeles and and Luzern in Switzerland The New English sets out to bring their truly distinctive perspective and ideas, and their wonderful products to the Italian market.

Thelermont Hupton

Hand Jobs hooks

Since the studio’s formation in 2004, Thelermont Hupton’s products and furniture have become recognisable through their willingness to reflect social conventions and peculiarities combined with a strong visual identity and sometimes surprising functionality. The products are ingrained with the mark of well considered, bold and inevitably lively design. Both Thelermont and Hupton arrived in the design world via the route of cabinet making and furniture design. They continue to celebrate this medium and build upon their catalogue of projects and products within this field. The emphasis of the furniture design process remains firmly on creating and maintaining a distinct visual presence but accommodates the essentials of comfort and functionality demanded by both the domestic and contract market.

At the same time, they have discovered that product design provides a route through which to convey and express their visual commentary in objects. This satisfies their urge to reflect influences that do not initially appear to have their roots founded in design with considered, challenging and useful pieces that are capable of winning acclaim and sales within the critical and serious retail marketplace. Their products are now stocked worldwide.



For over 250 years Wedgwood has been the English Brand synonymous with excellence and design in the porcelain sector. Cuckoo is the New Wedgwood Collection that adds yet more romance to that quintessentially English ritual of tea drinking. Whimsical design, vintage embellishments and gorgeous packaging make this a particularly chic and charming choice as an indulgent gift ‘for me’ or a special friend. It is a gift that speaks of authenticity and quality with a light touch.

Cuckoo takes its inspiration from the nineteenth century ‘Chinese Flower and Bird’ design motif drawn from the wealth of material in the Wedgwood pattern archive and confirms Wedgwood’s commanding position amongst aficionado’s of the increasingly fashionable tea-drinking trend

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