Salone Milan 2010 – Alex Turco’s Gold Lips

Salone Milan 2010 – Alex Turco’s Gold Lips

Alex Turco is an art designer based in Milan, whose work complements modern, innovative interiors.

His Fashion Panels are individually created by applying canvases, which have been decorated using the unique techniques developed by the designer, to rigid lacquered panels.


He calls himself an “art designer” because his interior decorating accessories are inspired by a notably artistic sensibility. To this he has added a new technique combining work processes with aspects borrowed from photography and graphic design: with this very personal style Alex Turco creates series of products with a care normally reserved for single works of art– original accessories located somewhere between fashion and design.

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Q: Upon which articles is your current production principally concentrated? Could you describe them for us?

A: My main products are the “Fashion Panels”, rigid panels of lacquered wood upon which I apply textiles worked with a particular technique developed by me.

They are available in four standard dimensions (70×70 cm, 100×100 cm, 140×80 cm, 180×60 cm) and can also be commissioned in other sizes, to obtain an ideal match with the hosting space.

The last product I’ve presented is “Cubes”, an accessory that represents the heterogeneity of modern interior decorating elements: 45x45x75 cm stainless steel or iron cubes, presented in scintillating variations of silver, gold, bronze and white lacquer; created with laser printing and my own personal intervention.

These articles may be used as simple decoration accessories, innovative seats, bedside tables or unusual occasional tables.

Q: How would you define your style? What makes it innovative enough to draw acclaim from all over the world?

A: I work with the intention of constructing a real live “life style”, aiming at the never before attempted mission to “transport art into design”.

My accessories are therefore exclusive and ideal for modern and innovative spaces; they are very adaptable thanks to their themes, colors, and sizes.

Each piece is created faithfully respecting the principle of fusion with the space it will be inserted into.

This has brought me to obtain much success in Italy and also abroad, also because, as I see it, in art, in design and in fashion there is nothing new to be invented but very much to mix together and re-print, fusing these three dimensions one into another.

The emotions transmitted by my creations have fascinated private customers, architects and interior designers from Europe to the ex Soviet Union, from America to the Arab Emirates; these last two markets are those which I follow with the most attention.

Q: As a designer and as an artist, are you sensitive to the new trends in living styles? How are they evolving in your opinion?

A: I certainly am. In my work I feel committed to remodelling and implementing a living style with great attention to its evolution. Lately there is a lot of attention to minimalist style, but it’s richer than usual with precious details that make a space warmer.

In every zone of the planet though, there is a style rooted in the culture and tradition. I am sensitive to this, and I create and shape my creativity to satisfy each request from a buyer.

Q: What are your future projects?

A: For the future I see my research and analysis ever more focused on the materials to be used; and more concretely on the occasion of the Salone del Mobile di Aprile 2009, the creation of a new interior decorating accessory, the third.

The market I’m going to mainly aim at is the Middle East, where I’ve already got scheduled many exhibitions and the opening of new corners inside some interior design stores.

Particular attention will be paid to the brand new “Only 1” line: very precious and unique pieces, destined for the most beautiful and modern art galleries in the world. Stay tuned!!!

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