Salone Milan 2010 – Interni “Think Tank “

Salone Milan 2010 – Interni “Think Tank “

Think tank ?

“In the pragmatic English-speaking world, where the concept began, in and around the Second World War, the think tank is an incubator, a platform where themes are shared: social policy, economics, science, technology”. Francesco Morace

INTERNI THINK TANK proposes reflections on the need for renewal and changing values in design in the new millennium. A moment of assessment of the contemporary condition, in which globalization is starting to require enhancement of local realities, where the approach to sustainable design culture becomes an issue of survival rather than a stylistic or compositional concern, and where design – and the productive system behind it – can contribute to outline new innovative scenarios in the domestic and collective landscape.

With the contributions of international designers, through experimental INSTALLATIONS, the exhibition offers a grand, spectacular composition, with the support of companies active in the field of design and architecture that have achieved levels of excellence in their respective areas of production.

Through experimental installations created with the support of international designers and leading design and architectural firms, the exhibition will fit out a spectacular stage, framed by the yards and loggias of the University of Milan.

In the context of the project “Think Tank”, experimental installations by international architects and designers including Daniel Libeskind, John Pawson and Kenzo Kuma will be shown in the inner courtyard and covered walkways of the Università degli Studi di Milano.

These works explore this topic and, with their projects, attempt to question contemporary conventions.




Along the event itinerary there are also DESIGN ISLANDS, true “urban lounges” and meeting places, made and furnished by leading companies in the Italian and international design furnishings sector, using original prototypes and products from the latest collections.

The installations of the exhibition are set up in a location in the city that is thus revealed to the general public, indicating a path of possible reutilization of exceptional historical sites. “Constructing on construction”, making our existing heritage a resource with which to operate in an innovative way.

With an increasing number of designers and design companies having turned their attention to sustainability and ethical practice in recent years, Interni Think Tank offers a reflection on the need for renewal and change in the values of design in the new millennium.

An opportunity to take stock of today’s situation, where design and architecture, the design of items, furnishings and space meet in a process of fruitful contamination.


Cortile D’Onore

Interni x Expo2015 by Italo Rota

Paolo Caputo with Franz Isella

Jaime Hayon with ENEL

Marco Piva with Jacuzzi, Tabu, VDA

Philippe Starck with Pramac

Mario Trimarchi and Frida Doveil with Deborah Milano

Jean-Michel Wilmotte with Cristina Rubinetterie,

IVM Group, Umicore, Artemide

Marco Zanuso jr with Donati Group

Jacopo Foggini with Nice

D TAO with Bodega and Zibido Vetro

MINI Countryman Design Studio

Loggiato Est

Daniel Libeskind with CityLife Cortile del 700

John Pawson with Salvatori Portico del Richini

Matteo Thun and Consuelo Castiglioni – Marni with AHEC

Cortile dei Bagni

Kengo Kuma with Casalgrande Padana

Cortile della Farmacia Luca Trazzi with Cross Point,

Eurojersey Portali Paola Navone with Rubelli

Videoinstallation  Castagna&Ravelli


Philippe Nigro with De Castelli, Listone Giordano

5+1AA with Norlight, Seves Glassblock

Marco Vigo with Mio Dino

Marco Merendi with Lavazza A Modo Mio, Davide Groppi

Maurizio Favetta with Ar-thema,

Engineering Solutions, Mosaico Digitale

Fabrica with HP

Emanuel Gargano and Marco Fagioli with Binova

Cortile D’Onore  Giulio Iacchetti  with Rosenthal, Sambonet

Sebastian Wrong and Richard Woods with Established & Sons, AHEC

Mauricio Cardenas with VivaTerra Press Room

Simone Micheli with Myyour

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