Salone Milan 2010 – Artificial Forest @ Interni Think Tank

Giulio Iacchetti’s “Artificial Forest” thought to celebrate the seal the merger of the Sambonet / Rosenthal companies is born out of a similitude: companies are like trees and they create products/fruits of which everybody benefits.

The tree thus becomes a metaphor of the generosity and prosperity of these two international design realities. And just like in a forest essences are not all the same (we would have a cultivation in that case and, as Iacchetti points out, those are always a bit sad), so the Sambonet and Rosenthal trees are different.


Because uniting, as the designer underlines, doesn’t mean to make uniform. And by disseminating little differences (differences in the leafy branches/products, in color oppositions, in seats), only visible by penetrating the woods, he wanted to transmit and allow the perception of the two companies’ identities and their mutual respect of their different natures.


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