Sony’s Hidden Senses @ Salone Milan 2018

Sony’s Hidden Senses @ Salone Milan 2018

At Sony’s Hidden Senses visitors could see, hear and feel hidden senses that inform your everyday life.

Challenging the constraints and preconceptions between technology and human behaviour, whilst interacting with familiar objects in a contextual space.

The Sony Hidden Senses stand won a Milano Stand Award in the category of Best Playfulness.


The Sony Design Centre team with the Milano Design Award

Sony believes that by aligning strengths in design and technology, they can deliver entirely new user experiences that move people emotionally.

Design is not more than a matter of aesthetic lines and shapes, but a way to explore new innovative ways to introduce technology into everyday life.

Sony’s design team have been exploring new forms of communication that integrate into our lifestyles, and is striving to develop innovative and enriching experiences transforming functional value and innovation into emotional experiences.

The exhibition was composed of five case study rooms. As you journey through each room, ‘Hidden Senses’ were gradually revealed; from conceptual interaction into examples of contextual application.

Case Study 1: Echo

Sensing technology detects natural actions, such as movement and touch. Our subconscious input corresponds with subtle output, making us revisit the principles of communication.


Case Study 2:Under the Light 

The wall light reacts to movement, detects distance and responds with simple light and shadow, colours and shapes.

In an era where we are faced with overwhelming quantities by information, we propose a smarter, more minimal way of communicating.


Case Study 3: Tactile Object

Objects placed on a table are used as an intuitive yet physical interface. Everyday information can be received without the use of a smartphone or tablet.

The manipulation of everyday objects has the potential to become interfaces for new lifestyles.


Case Study 4:Abstract Electronics 

The potential for furniture to become an everyday interface presents opportunities for new experiences and surprises to enrich your lifestyle.

Mood Driver

Just by turning the disc, this partition allows you to mute the scene and music. You can change the mood and ambience depending on the situation.

Dancing Light

This floor light moves in response to your movements. Lighting becomes more than just a part of the furniture, but a medium for communicating, where movement equals information.

Tactile Tray 

This tray shares information through the sense of touch. Your touch determines the feel and movement of the material.

Material Shelf 

The material and function of this shelf changes as you interact with its built-in display. Placing an object on the shelf expresses the character of the material, or alternatively shows images within a transparent frame.

Swing Lamp

What if lighting could enhance expression? Shake the lamp to trigger interaction, change the colour, pattern and even mood.

Tactile Bench

An interactive bench that behaves like a see-saw and creates new experiences through physical feedback. This tactile bench augments your perception and senses.

Here, the full collective of ‘Hidden Senses’ are presented in ways that permeate into everyday lifestyles




About Sony:

Sony Corporation is a leading manufacturer of audio, video, imaging, game, communications, key device and information technology products for the consumer and professional markets.

With its music, pictures, computer entertainment and online businesses, Sony is uniquely positioned to be the leading electronics and entertainment company in the world.

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