The Next Frontier in Mobility @ Salone Milan 2017

The Next Frontier in Mobility @ Salone Milan 2017

Aisin has a track record of providing attractive designs in a wide range of sectors, from automotive products such as engine parts, transmissions, sunroofs, door parts and car navigation systems, to housing and lifestyle products like sewing machines and beds, and energy-related products.

This year, Aisin ( 4th year in a row participating in the Salone ) returned to its origins with an exhibition titled “The Next Frontier in Mobility” – which expresses the aspiration of Aisin to inaugurate a new era of mobility, pioneering a new relationship between man and car.

For the Salone 2017, Aisin showcased 3 artistic installations at La Triennale to illustrate initiatives made in the foremost technologies of the coming smart mobility society – Automated Driving, Connected and Zero Emission.

Aisin believes that the proprietary technologies of suppliers will surely open the door to the next age.

Today when the environment surrounding automobiles is changing significantly,the Aisin Group’s technologies and achievements offer a tried and true vision





Automated Driving

Visible Motion by Satoshi Yoshiizumi

This installation expresses cutting-edge automotive technologies that can normally only be found on the inside of a car.

By showing the “beautiful movements” created by such technologies, it aims to evoke the concept of “creation of human-mobility relationship”, which is the goal of Aisin.

The confrontation between the viewer and the large water basin lends way to a meeting of the viewer and movement, creating a sense of relationship between person and mobility and resulting in a significant experiential impact.

Takt Project’s installation for Aisin Seiki is composed of a large pool containing a magnetic fluid – where a tire’s contact surface appears in 3D.

It forms sweeping arches and passes through effortlessly, only showing tread marks of the movements, expressing not the actual external appearance of the car but rather its mobility and ambience.

Car tracks left behind in the fluid


The number of parts needed to make a car is said to be about 300,000. when all of those parts work together, the car produces mobility,. We believe that leading-edge technology not only makes the parts work beautifully together, but it also creates a relationship of ‘beautiful mobility’ between the driver and car ”  ………… Aisin Sieki Group



The Vehicle Dynamics Control, integrated vehicular motion control, is an essential technology for achieving automated driving.

Comprising sensors and computers for cognition, judgment and control for precise operation of the vehicle, it’s an important technology for Aisin.

Yoshiizumi expresses this “Vehicle Dynamics Control” by conveying the outward signs of beautiful vehicular movement.





Cocoon by Hideki Yoshimoto

What kind of a role will future vehicles play for human beings ?

For Aisin, the answer to this question is, in essence, a partner—one that is there to assist you, understand your feelings and is willing to listen to your needs

This installation aims to symbolise the values of the partnership between humans and a future car.

The pure-white vehicle illuminated in a tranquil space is made of weaved threads, reminiscent of a cocoon.

This sculpture of a car, presented as an organic, soft and delicate entity, suggests that the relationship between humans and cars will become more intimate and of closer rapport in the future

In today’s society, Connected is increasingly linking people with vehicles, vehicles and infrastructure, and vehicles and the cloud.

Aisin seeks to offer hospitality services that combine our proprietary locational information technology such as navigation, driver monitoring and passenger sensing, and car body component control technologies.

We wish to realise a comfortable moving space with the provision of hospitality services based on the occupants preferences with the integration of various systems.

Yoshimoto likens this to a cocoon, expressing Connected and a new relationship between people and vehicles.







Zero emission

Transfer by Shingo Abe

Aisin’s technology and the future it will bring about is presented in high definition using two projectors on a huge canvas.

This graphical animation races through an abstract space created entirely with computer images, from infinitely expanding technologies to the changes wrought to vehicles through their interactions, arriving at the new scenery they bring about.

Shingo Abe, CG director / designer and Yutaka Endo, Technical Director expressed Aisin’s Zero Emission initiatives and technologies and products with edgy moving images.





About the Project designers


Satoshi Yoshiizumi

Designer / Director of TAKT PROJECT Inc.

Graduated from the Department of Mechanical Engineering, School of Engineering, Tohoku University.

Worked at Design Studio Nendo and the Yamaha Design Laboratory.

In 2013 he founded with TAKT PROJECT Inc. members, publishes DESIGN THINK + DO TANK and is dedicated to several projects, including “Creating Other Possibilities” through design. Satoshi Yoshiizumi works on experimental projects based on his personal research and exhibits results, often by invitation.

He has conducted experimental independent research projects and presented the results at the Milano Salone, Maison & Objet Paris, Hong Kong M+, and other domestic and international art museums and design events.

He collaborates with various clients, taking a unique approach which maximizes the role of design in projects, based on his research findings.

2017 iF Design Award for professional concept (Germany) and the 2016 Red Dot Design Award for design concept (Germany).



Hideki Yoshimoto

Design engineer / Director of Tangent Design and Invention Ltd.

Hideki Yoshimoto studied engineering and design at the world’s top graduate schools and has been awarded numerous awards in both fields. He earned his B.S. (2008) and M.S. (2010) in Aeronautics and Astronautics at the University of Tokyo, and PhD in Innovation Design Engineering at the Royal College of Art in 2015.

Utilizing his interdisciplinary knowledge, he serves as the director at Tangent Design and Invention Ltd. in London, UK.

Awards include Lexus Design Award (2013), Red Dot: Design Concept Best of the Best Award (2012), Japanese Society of Artificial Intelligence Annual Conference Award (2010), and Information Technology Promotion Agency Japan Super Creator Certification (2010).



Shingo Abe

CG Director / Designer

Born in 1981.

Shingo Abe studied media arts at Tohoku University of Art and Design. After graduating, he joined visual design studio WOW.

He was involved in advertising as a computer graphics designer, animator and director. Thereafter, he has collaborated with many artists, not only with video.

He has been involved in many works in various media including spatial presentation using image projection, interactive works, installations, as well as film direction for fashion shows and stage presentations.



Hikaru Mori

Designer / Zitomori

Graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts Graduate School in 1991 and moved to Italy.

Undertook mainly design, architectural and landscape projects in Milan from an integrated and fluid point of view.

Since 1999, she has been involved in the architectural team of ZITO+MORI with Maurizio Zito.

Major works include the lighting system “ADAM” (LUCITALIA), bathroom system STONE LIKES WATER (PIBAMARMI) and lighting “Carmencita” (NEMO-CASSINA). Architectural works include FEUDI DI SAN GREGORIO (winery), BISCEGLIA (winery), Vigna la Corte (commercial and accommodation facility), and Controne city riverside park plan.

2010 Architectural Institute of Italy Campania New Architecture Prize, 2011 Ischia International Architecture Award silver medal, 2012 Wallpaper Design Award Best Lamp, 2015 Architectural Institute of Italy Campania Outdoor Architecture Prize.


Organized by
Aisin Seiki Co., Ltd.

Exhibition Producer
Toshiki Kiriyama (TRUNK LTD.)

Space Designer
Hikaru Mori (ZITOMORI)

Satoshi Yoshiizumi (TAKT PROJECT Inc.)
Hideki Yoshimoto (Tangent Design and Invention Ltd)
Shingo Abe

Technical Director
Yutaka Endo (LUFTZUG CO., LTD.)

Sign & Graphic Designer
Ai Kimura

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