The Art of Living @ Salone Milan 2014

The Art of Living @ Salone Milan 2014

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The Art of Living exhibition at the Triennale di Milano was curated by one of Italy’s leading Interior Design Magazines “ Living Interiors” by the Corriere della Sera Group.

The overall exhibition was conceived by Francesca Taroni ( the director of “Living Interiors” magazine ) and the Book “Designing with Art”

The goal was to tell the relationship between art and space of the house.

As a painting, a sculpture , an installation influence the domestic scenario ?

And best of all , can a piece of design affect a site-specific ?”

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Sketch by Ico Migliore illustrating the project by Migliore + Servetto Architects

The set staging was conceived by Ico Migliore of the Milan studio – Migliore + Servetto Architects and showed multiple media and artistic languages Ico designed a lightweight installation and spectacular , almost a digital cloud where video will be screened between nature and art, as a set of pages impalpable suspended and animated by light beams

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Sketch by Ico Migliore illustrating the project by Migliore + Servetto Architects

The projects’ first goal, was to highlight Italian design, it’s creativity and excellence and mark the artistic origin of Made in Italy

The exhibition explained the dialogue between design and contemporary art. Design can be considered as an art form, perfectly fitting together with contemporary artwork pieces and installations.

The Art of Living also explored the relationship between work and home environments.

Domestic spaces open the doors to contemporary art and its various expressive shapes that build an unprecedented tale utilizing historical and contemporary items of design and furniture.

The suggestive combination between artistic installations and design products gives life to unique spaces.


The Art of Living display Rooms

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The Art of Living show comprised 10 different rooms by 5 designers, each given two rooms of a conceptual house.

The 5 young Italian artists with a successful international background were – Nicola Gobbetto, Paolo Gonzato, Marco Andrea Magni, Alice Ronchi, Francesco Simeti – who each individually designed environments inspired by the different rooms of the house

They all explored the relationship between contemporary art and the space of the house, by using different media such as: sculpture, wallpaper, wall painting, art & furniture, video and painting.


Marco Magni Andrea created two works inspired by the figure of Giovanni Muzio , architect of the Triennale , creating sensual and poetic works related to the living room and the reading room ; “He meant to go take a little trip to the stars”

Paul Gonzato transformed the dining room and the kitchen environment into a spectacle of psychedelic colors ; “Out of stock”

Nicola Gobbetto thought the boudoir of a diva 50s and the entrance of the house inspired by Magritte ; “Perfection Is not Easy , but it’s me !”

Francesco Simeti ‘ dressed ‘ with its layered images wallpaper made ​​of the outdoor area and the home office home ; “Along the Riverbank”

Alice Ronchi has rethought the domestic spa room and place of relaxation with its evocative two-and three-dimensional sculptures ; “Turchino”

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To animate the rooms, the most prestigious Italian design companies such as Knoll, B&B, Poliform, Martinelli Luce, Teuco, Meridians, MDF Italy, Persol, Bticino, Potocco, Hodara Art Designer, Gardesa , Marazzi supplied design icon products.

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Volvo Presentation

art of living entrance

Volvo the main sponsoring partner of the event , the protagonist of a spectacular installation that materializes the brand values ​​: technology, nature and environmental awareness.

A cloud evanescent on which images are projected fluctuating : the starting point of an exciting journey into the world of art and design

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sketch by Ico Mogliore of the Volvo presentation


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RCS designers Jonathan Diesley and Pär Heyden

RCS designers Jonathan Diesley and Pär Heyden


Volvo’s presentation within the The Art of Living ” exhibition, was curated by RCS .

This was an important opportunity to communicate the centrality of design in the evolution of the Volvo brand. RCS created a special wall sculpture that reproduced the unique interior of the Volvo XC Coupe Concept , awarded ” Best Concept Car” at the show in Detroit.

This display expresses on the one hand Volvo’s philosophy of “Designed around you” aiming at functionality and on the other a more artistic approach to design.

Through this display Volvo emphasizes how lines, design and light are essential whilst maintaining its affinity to the Scandinavian design tradition.


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