Salone Satellite @ Salone Milan 2013

Salone Satellite @ Salone Milan 2013

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The Salone Satellite was created in 1998 for the express purpose of bringing together, in the same place and time, the most promising young designers from all over the world with the most important business people and talent scouts gathered in Milan to visit or exhibit at the Saloni.

Each year SaloneSatellite, located at the far end of the impossibly huge Salone fairgrounds, offers an opportunity to young designers under the age of 35 to display their prototypes to the design world.


The Satellite immediately became an unparallelled observatory of young international creativity: many of the pieces presented as prototypes in the fourteen previous editions have gone into production, and many of the participating designers have become important figures in the star system.

Many world-famous designers, including Jasper Morrison, Harri Koskinen, Matali Crassat, and many others, were discovered here.

Others include >> 45 Kilo/ Massimiliano Adami / Rui Alves / Alvaro Catalan De Ocon / Federico Churba / Lorenzo Damiani / Stefan Diez /  Pedro Paulo Franco (alotof) /  Form Us With Love / Front / Sebastian Herkner /  Staffan Holm / Xavier Lust /  Rooms /  Daniel Rybakken / Norway Says / Nao Tamura / Torbjorn and Espen / Paolo Ulian / Sylvani Willenz / Oyvind Wyller  / Nika Zupanc.

Young designers grow up: from the SaloneSatellite to the recognition of the industry Many of the projects presented at the SaloneSatellite over the years have become successful products, even icons of design, while others have won prestigious prizes and still others have entered the collections of the most important design museums.

But never have so many of the former participants in the SaloneSatellite been represented as this year, both at the Salone Internazionale del Mobile and at the peripheral events throughout the city.

Their presence in such numbers is a confirmation of the primary goal of the SaloneSatellite: to “tow” young designers from the conclusion of their studies to the beginning of their careers.

“The SaloneSatellite – explains design critic Vanni Pasca – conceived as an exhibition, has become an authentic incubator of talent, the place where designers start out in order to achieve more in the future”.

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The SaloneSatellite has always been known for guaranteeing the quality of its projects – carefully selected by a prestigious committee composed of key international figures in the worlds of design, architecture and media – and for being the ideal meeting place for designers and business, a springboard towards the world of production.

Each year 700 young designers and students of the most prestigious design schools and universities exhibit and exchange ideas at this unique showcase. The proposals are examined and evaluated by a prestigious Selection Committee drawn from the same pool of international professionals from the world of design, architecture and media.

As always, the heart of the SaloneSatellite is its selection of designers and international design schools.

The former, which this year number 700, are selected by a prestigious Selection Committee, composed of key international figures from the worlds of design, architecture and the media

entrant judging committee

This year the selection of participants was made by prominent international personalities in the world of design, planning and communication including:

Carola Baitha, Living /  Carlo Colombo, Architect  / Carlo Contin, designers Salone Satellite 1999 / Beppe Finessi, Architect -Critic / Paul Makovsky, Metropolis magazine, foreign press / Patrizia Malfatti, Head Of Cosmit & Image  Communication / Antonio Morello, Della Valentina Office / Gian Luigi Ricuperati, Domus, freelance, Italian press / Elisa Storace, Kartell Museum Curator  / Alessandro Vecchiato, Foscarini. / Marva Griffin Wilshire, organizer of the exhibition’s curator-Satellite.

This year marks the 16th iteration of the show, created by Marva Griffin Wilshire, who alongside esteemed judges from around the world welcomed hundreds of entrants and 17 international design schools to display their creations.

From Europe: Tallin University of Technology (Estonia); Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences (Finland); l’Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Decoratifs (France); Burg Giebichenstein and Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design (Germany).

From Asia: Beijing University of Technology – College of Art and Design (China); Osaka University of Arts (Japan); National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (Taiwan).

From the Americas: Savannah College of Art and Design (United States); Universidad del Desarrollo (Chile); Universidade de Caxias do Sul (Brazil); Escuela Internacional de Diseño (Puerto Rico).

From Italy: Accademia Italiana Arte Moda Design, Libera Università di Bolzano, Politecnico di Milano, Seconda Università degli Studi di Napoli, Università Kore di Enna.

salone satellite 2013

The theme this year was “Design & Craftsmanship: Together for Industry” and for the fourth year in a row, Griffin Wilshire and her jury presented the SaloneSatellite award to six winners.

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As in the last three editions, the SaloneSatellite will hold the SaloneSatellite Award, a competition based on the product categories of the biennial trade shows that accompany the Salone Internazionale del Mobile – specifically, for this edition, Euroluce and SaloneUfficio.

Participants in the SaloneSatellite are asked to present, along with their qualifying prototypes, one or more additional designs belonging to the product categories of the two biennial shows.

This approach, which may appear to limit creativity, in fact channels it in a professional, real-world way, ensuring that the designs are compatible with the catalogues of the companies exhibiting at the Saloni.

As such, it is a further step toward facilitating contact between supply and demand, design and business, creativity and the realities of manufacturing.

These winning projects were be selected by a Jury composed of important international figures: Paola Antonelli, Senior Design Curator, MoMA  / Laura Asnaghi, journalist, La Repubblica / Ginevra Elkann, President, Pinacoteca Agnelli /  Piero Gandini, President, Flos / Konstantin Grcic, designer / Giulio Iacchetti, architect /  Italo Lupi, architect /  Marco Romanelli, architect / Vittorio Viggetti, CEO, Citterio / Robert Volhard, Managing Director, Stylepark.


They awarded the 3 best products in the fields of Lighting and Office.

The 3 prizes consist of a monetary award – and an internship with a company operating in the design sector.

The winners will also receive consulting and press office services, in order to ensure maximum exposure of their products.



1° “BRAQUE” Tania da Cruz


The “Braque” soundproofing system is adaptable to any context, thanks to the free, virtually unlimited possibilities for configuring the modules.

It responds to the highest technical and esthetic standards of design, while optimizing the sustainability of natural cork.

kit  satellite

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Tania got her project going by using crowd funding

crowd funded

2° “PLASTEX” Re Design Studio

2° PLASTEX - Re Design Studio - photo by Carola Merello

Second prize went to a trio of designers from Egypt who presented an ancient weaving technique updated to include recycled plastic fibers.

The firm, Re Studio, is comprised of Hadwa Omran, Hend Riad, and Mariam Hazem.

From their statement: “Re intends to bring back plastic bags that have been rejected or misused into a new form that is designed innovatively to fit in our life. The focus of innovation lies on material, reusing plastic bags into fabric.”


satellite 2nd prize




3° “WAVE” Poetic Lab

3° WAVE - Poetic Lab - photo by Carola Merello


London-based Poetic Lab, headed up by the Taiwanese designer Hanhsi Chen, took third prize for the Wave lamp.

The piece is constructed of a blown-glass sculpture that refracts light and presents an undulating shadow that is constantly in motion.

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Honorable Mentions –


“MAYBE”- Andrea Borgogni


Maybe chair is an hybrid of die-cast aluminium technology with craftsmanship of wood.

The main structure is split in two part of aluminium die-cast, so it’s easy to storage after production and cheaper shipping costs.

satellite chair

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“HOBBS CHAIR” Macedorama


The double rocker ‘chair Hobbs’, celebrating the marriage of ancient techniques and contemporary forms.

With a playful message can indicate ways to develop new applications and techniques that are likely to oblivion.

satellite chairs


“LAMP STICK 210” Matias Ruiz


Chilean designer Matias Ruiz won an Honorable Mention for Stick Light 210, a lamp consisting of a wooden cylinder illuminated from within by an LED bulb that runs the length of the piece.

lamp stick


“CANVAS” Naoki Ono


A canvas shaped chair with a drawing of a chair. It can be used by leaning against a wall.

A frame made of wood and aluminum is covered by an elastic fabric printed with texture of a canvas and a drawing of chair.

There are 3 types of size, a stool, a 1P sofa and a 2P sofa.

at the salone satllite


Other Notable Entries included –





The Woonling Collection is a furniture system that adapts to peoples living conditions. It consists of one basic element, a circular cushion, which serves as seat cushion or back.

By multiplication and connection it gives the possibility to build up various different furniture compositions. One cushion can be used as a floor cushion. By embedding feet it becomes a taboret.

A set of two cushions results in an easy chair, a set of four can be a sofa.


“A-LINEA” Laurent & Pauline

.RAD Product Mr A-linea 1

​Sideboard in wood, painted black: a reinterpretation of a classic form, notably through its opening system which highlights the cutting process of the wood points and lines which confers beyond a decorative and functional flexibility which has shaken the appearance of furniture and ergonomics.


“FLOOP” Kenji Fukushima


Two simple LED lights, bent and overlapping each other. Characterized by the organic lines flowing from the shade to the stands; a slenderness possible only by using LED lights was pursued.

It’s indirect lighting will bring a soft atmosphere to your living room or to your bedroom.


“EMPATHIK”  Vivian Chang


Empathik, designed with an inclusive approach, is a mobility aid for seniors which transforms into a flexible shopping trolley.

It challenges conventional approaches to walking frames, by integrating subtle feminine visual cues and is a light weight structure with ergonomic forms adaptable to the human body.

The flexibility of the design enables users to adapt easily to surrounding environments and situations.


“WOOD TABLE” Pascale De Backer


My aim for this design is to bring the smell and the feeling of the woods into the house. People in the cities forgot how nature looks and smells like.


“WOOD TRACK” Ia Kutateladze


WoodTrack floor lamp is inspired by the industrial track lights, which are always made of metal.

The material is altered from metal to wood; the shape of the shade goes back to the basic track lights. Foldable floor lamp is made of basswood with painted metal details.

It is a functional lighting piece, suitable for various interior spaces.



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Invaders by Studio BAAG is a visual interpretation of a tree overtaken by shelf mushroom. The Invaders cabinet is a striking piece for any room without typical hardware.

Thin slices from the Bagolaro tree represent the mushrooms and act as handles from top to bottom.


“LUM” QStudio


LUM is an exciting new product from QStudio of Chile. LUM is a copper modular panel system: with solid and light components.

Copper is abundant in Chile and its natural properties make it very attractive for interior applications; it’s a natural anti-bacterial and develops a patina with time, making every installation dynamic.

The panels are responsibly manufactured by inmates at Colina prison, contributing to their rehabilitation and integration back into society.


“SUGAR CLOUD” Dingflux


Sugarcloud is a made from 100% cotton, hand-crocheted, molded, and hardened using a water and sugar mixture.

Dingflux has taken tradition Polish craft methods and modernized them.




Melbourne Movement aims to garner international attention for cutting edge Australian design.

The Nest is a pendant light fixture by Edward Linacre.

The piece boasts an intricate composition of sustainably sourced bamboo veneer taking the form of honeycomb architecture.

The interlocking form is lightweight, can be flat-packed, and can be easily assembled by the end user.


“TIPI” Laura Kasiers


Tipi is an exciting modular furniture kit from Laura Kasiers of Belgium.

Tipi has four different shapes (square, hexagon, small triangle, large triangle) that attach and re-attach with snaps, only limited by your own imagination.

Pieces are made of recycled felt and local Belgian materials, hand sewn and detailed.


“XTOOL” Combo Colab


Xtool is a brilliant example of upcycling and responsible design.

Brought to you by Combo Colab of the United States, and the 91 Kickstarter backers who helped this project get off the ground, Xtool is a stackable storage tool, inspired by old milk-crates used as stools.

The Xtool uses up to 95% recycled plastic, with baltic birch plywood legs and lids. Shown here with optional seating pads.

Salone Satellite


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