Wrap Spaces in Zona Tortona @ Salone Milan 2012

Wrap Spaces in Zona Tortona @ Salone Milan 2012

To get to Wrap Spaces small Via Tortona exhibition space – you just had to follow the neon orange arrows

Cooking in a kitchen? Drinking coffee in the living room? Working at the office? So traditional. Such old hat! In modern life, specific functions are no longer attributed to particular times and places. According to Marcel Losekoot and Samer Chalfoun we are on the eve of a shift in thinking.

The concept is one piece of furniture, from which you can open up a kitchen, an office, or a living room set.

Aside from a place to actually set yourself down, it includes everything you need for a basic house… all in one space. If you combined it with a futon or sofa-bed, you’d have everything except the bathroom in one space that changes throughout the day.

“The freedom to do what you want, is what makes Wrap Spaces so unique”, the design duo emphasise. “If the units are closed, you can live there in comfort. If – at an ungodly hour – you want to make a strong espresso, one press of the button will suffice. And do you want a fully equipped workplace? You can change the Wrap into a comfortable home office in no time.”

‘The new living’ inspired Samer and Marcel to create possibilities, which were unthinkable until then. “We wanted to add something to the 24/7 city lifestyle. Something that actually makes a difference!” says the duo. The result, Wrap Spaces, a multi-functional living environment where you can cook, work, eat and live. In whatever way you want to.

Breaking boundaries

“The idea that cooking is done in the kitchen, work is done in your office, and relaxation in your living room, is something we have thrown overboard. The time has come to break down boundaries.

Literally, by removing the walls. But also metaphorically, by breaking through your boundaries. You no longer have to adapt to your environment. Your environment adapts to your life.

And that does not only make things much more convenient, but also provides 25% extra living space. Or 25% less space requirement, depending on how you look at it”, say the designers.

This is NOT a kitchen

The significant line ‘This is NOT a kitchen’, inspired by Magritte’s famous ‘Ceci n’est pas une pipe’ is the closest approximation to what Wrap Spaces is, exactly. Or rather, what it isn’t.

The modular system can be put together exactly as you wish. The construction is attached to the wall, allowing for free space above and below. Because the system is not a fixed part of the house, it can always be extended – and can easily be taken along when moving.

Regarding the equipment, conscious decisions were also made. With the Dutch kitchen brand ATAG as a partner, Wrap Spaces guarantees innovation in cooking, ease of use and top-end technology.

A perfect example of Dutch design done well.

If you want breakfast in bed, then sleep in the kitchen

Who are the creative geniuses behind Wrap Spaces?

With the Italian design background of the Lebanese Samer Chalfoun on one hand, and the Dutch matter-of-factness and strategic vision of Marcel Losekoot on the other hand, Wrap Spaces offers a mix of ‘flavours’.

Put an interior designer and an innovator together, and ground-breaking ideas will evolve.

Marcel (left): He is blessed with a brain that, -day in, day out- produces a steady stream of ideas and visions on all kinds of matters. As an innovator and pioneer he takes great pleasure in coming up with ideas, but even more in developing and realizing these into successful products and/or services. What drives Marcel is adding value to life and make it more beautiful, better and enjoyable.

Samer (right) : As a kid Samer couldn’t stop reading Neckermann, attracted by the shiny happy people. Burda and Neckermann were the ultimate design magazines. Later he studied at the Accademia di Belle Arti of Rome, and since then he has been internationally active as a space and product designer.

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