3M “Infinite Innovation” @ Milan Design Week 2011

3M “Infinite Innovation” @ Milan Design Week 2011

“Infinite Innovation” is a masterfully staged installation entirely dedicated to a series of advanced, futuristic and sustainable 3M technologies for Ambient Culture in architecture and design, an exploratory trip through the world of surface finishing solutions and artificial and natural lighting, allowing for the integration of light as part of the architectural and design project as ambience solutions.

Conceived by Italian architect Martino Berghinz, “Infinite Innovation” features visions and ideas developed by the 3M Design Lab team in collaboration with Design Group Italia, Huub Ubbens and D’Alesio & Santoro.

The project attempts to demonstrate how 3M technologies enable the realization of the creative ideas of architects and designers, and how 3M Architectural Markets’ product collections can inspire unique projects and uncommon results


One of highlights of the exhibition is a dress realized in collaboration with Gensler Architects . Presented and awarded on the occasion of the IIDA’s (International Interior Design Association, DC Chapter) Cosmo Couture event 2010 in Washington, the dress takes up the colors and patterns of African fabrics, re-interpreting them in an infinite number of petals made with 3M DI-NOC architectural finishes, composing an avant-garde dress

Comments by Maureen Tholon / 3M Architectural Markets Mgr

This past year we took a step back to get to know and understand the architect and design community. We wanted to understand their needs, how they get their information, how they want to be communicated with so we may craft a message and a product offering that resonates.

As we have focused on the area of architecture and design, we have found there is a great opportunity to blend surface finishing and natural and artificial lighting solutions in new ways that create exciting interior environments.

Additionally, 3M has a great depth of unique technologies that right now might be feeding automotive, healthcare or consumer businesses. We are excited about the possibility of tweaking these technologies to fit the needs of architecture and design applications, and then putting them into the hands of talented architects and designers, allowing them to add their unique creativity in a way that exceeds their customer’s expectations.

Exhibiting at Milan Week of Design in an especially intriguing opportunity to make our debut to the architect and design community. We know it’s definitely not a tradeshow, but a design event where world-renowned creative talent will gather to collaborate. We are interested in learning even more about this community with the goal of continuing to bring unique, differentiated and creative solutions for surface and light, which can be used to create amazing spaces where people live and work.

Even after the event is over, we will continue the same level of engagement to learn about trends and key areas of interests so we can come back next year and continue to build on a compelling story.

About 3M

A recognized global leader in research and development, 3M creates and produces thousands of innovative, unique and versatile products for dozens of diverse markets.

The best-known products, solutions and brands of 3M belong to the graphics, healthcare and consumer products families, including Post- it® Notes, Scotch® Adhesives, Scotch-Brite® Sponges, Thinsulate™ Microfibers for apparel and footware insulation and Nexcare™ Bandages, for skin care etc.

3M technologies and products are also vital components of our computers and instruments at our doctors’. They protect us with reflective fabrics and respiratory protections, enliven shop windows or partition walls with decorative finishes and enhance the visibility of street signs with reflective films.

In fact, 3M’s core strength is applying its 47 distinct technology platforms – often in combination – to a wide array of customer needs. Its products and solutions are continuously evolving thanks to the work of thousands of internal researchers.

Since 2002, 3M has been supporting this research work with the strategic consultancy of the 3M Design Lab, contributing to the company’s understanding of global markets via an enhanced and 360 degree design approach to needs and solutions. The 3M Design Lab’s comprehensive and holistic view on innovation and consumer demands enables the capture of different geographical, social and cultural traits of each market. This approach has brought 3M to create hundreds of new, internationally appreciated and successful technologies, products and solutions, many of which have been shortlisted or awarded with international prizes such as the Red Dot Design Award, selection for XXI Compasso d’Oro, ADI Index, Plus X Award, IF Design Award, Pulchra Award, Good Design Award of Chicago Athenaeum VIP Award.

The 3M Design Labs are located worldwide: Design Lab US in the 3M Head Quarter in St.Paul (Minnesota), Design Lab Europe in Milan (Italy), Design Lab Asia Pacific in Shanghai (China), Design Lab Japan in Tokyo.

At 3M, the research into new technologies and products also takes into consideration the big challenge of  sustainability. Driven by a commitment to innovation and ethical conduct, 3M continually increases sustainability at the economic, social, and environmental  levels, in order to build a strong, vital company today, and leaving a rich legacy on which future generations can build.

3M has been recognized with the 2010 Gigaton Award for ecologic sustainability, having, in the last 20 years, reduced the company’s emission of carbon dioxide by 77%.

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