Dulux ‘Let’s Colour’ Project

Dulux ‘Let’s Colour’ Project

Grey is out. Gloom is gone. It’s time to live our lives in colour.

The Dulux ‘Let’s Colour Project is a worldwide initiative to transform grey spaces with vibrant colour. Their mission is to spread colour all over the world. The Lets Colour Project team is working together with local communities across the globe, with workers rolling up our sleeves to paint streets, houses, schools and squares.

Dulux would like this to be the beginning of a colour movement that will spread around the world.



Starting in March 2010, The Let’s Colour Project brought colour to Brazil, France, the UK and India. The local communities rolled up their sleeves and joined us in painting schools, streets, homes and squares. These communities include:

1) On 12-13 March they transformed the area of the Lapa stairs with the local community by adding shades of blues and purples to grey, dull walls. These colours were chosen as they beautifully complemented the red and yellow tiles already on the Lapa stairs. The painting was done by the local residents and local artists. These newly painted buildings will not only be appreciated by the residents but also the numerous visitors to these famous Lapa stairs.

2) On 18-19 March they painted with the local community of Aulnay-sous-bois. Together we transformed a previously grey, dull, highly frequented car park by the local commuter train station that links with the centre of Paris. We also added pinks, oranges and purples to a residential building that overlooks a local market, which will be benefited by the local residents and market goers from the surrounding area. Since the 2005 riots this area has been in constant improvement and development, so it was the perfect area to bring some colour to the regeneration project that was already underway. The Let’s Colour Project had such an impact that it encouraged the local residents to host their own painting event in addition to ours.

3) On the 26-27 March they worked with the local community to paint one of the schools in London’s Tower Hamlets – Virginia Primary School. Together with the parents, teachers and children we transformed the school’s playground, hall and a classroom with vivid colour. It injected enthusiasm and joy into everyone, particularly the children who helped us document the painting. . It’s a Victorian building located close to Arnold Circus in Shoreditch. We added vibrant colours – which included yellows, greens, pinks and reds. Yellow is the colour of joy, happiness and fun; and pink with red represent nurture – perfect colour combinations for environments with children.

4) On April 3 -4 they got stuck into a community square, school and main road of Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India. Known as the blue city, we painted in shades of blue, purple and pink leaving this already vibrant city a little more colourful. The local community joined us in painting the Purohiton Ki Haveli community square, a boy’s school and a building on the high street.

Together, we can change whatever we want. Together, we can add a simple splash of colour, which will really show the power it has to inspire us all. It doesn’t matter if it’s your bedroom wall or your local school. Everyone can be part of it.

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