Turin – Street Art project

Turin – Street Art project

Strada Facendo is an ambitious and courageous exhibition that wants to testify and not to represent, it wants to de-contestualize more than offer the proposal of an underground artistic tendency, born from the New York Graffiti movement of 1970’s , that nowadays it expresses itself in different forms and disciplines.

For the event, young proposals and known artists will be involved to offer a complete overview, without judgements or arbitrary choices.

The show will be characterized by a multi-faced proposal in which social and civic analysis will be mixed with caricatural figures, logos and graphics, in order to alter and characterize the urban context.

The show will be characterized by a transversal analysis that unify artists known by the audience to local Italian artists, from the pioneers to the youngest artists, by showing a phenomenon through differen techniques: from the graffiti to the canvas, from the urban installation to the video and from the photography to the artistic performance.

The show will be also enriched by a selection of works of international artists offered by The Don Gallery of Milan and will be supported by a series of collateral initiatives. Within the proposals will be offered a debate in program for the 10th of April at 2.30 p.m. in the place Barriera, in which will be present collectors of the field  and artists that will debate on thematics linked to the Street Art movement and its market

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