Salone Milan 2010 – Luceste  / What is Light ?

Salone Milan 2010 – Luceste / What is Light ?

Suppose design office responds to the question ‘what is light?’ for their design of the Toshiba LED installation during the Salone del Mobile in Milan.

Toshiba revealed that LED lighting is not only environmentally friendly but also offers levels of precision and expressiveness that can shape spaces and create moods. A ceiling-mounted LED installation will diffuse lighting through a veil of swirling mist to suffuse the exhibition space with a spectrum of growing color.

Toshiba commissioned Mr. Makoto Tanijiri, an architect, to create an evocative and beautiful space and to bathe it in changing hues of LED light. The exhibit awakens a realization of the value of lighting: it will touch people’s hearts and suggest the new possibilities offered by LEDs.

makoto tanijiri / suppose design

Toshiba understands that lighting is much more than a means to brighten rooms and public spaces, and that LED lighting can do much more than contribute to saving energy. Light has an emotional power that creates atmosphere and enriches life. Toshiba celebrates this quality as akari, a Japanese concept that conveys the ability of lighting to appeal deeply to our senses and emotions.


After considering light as an emotive element – something you feel that can’t be explained through words – Suppose Design  proposed an installation space filled with nothing but light.



The bright focal point forces visitors to stand facing the light without other distractions; a space dedicated to light and nothing else. Nothingness is a key theme in the project, providing people with the space to feel and connect with light alone


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