Salone Milan 2010 – Diversity by Nacho Carbonell

Salone Milan 2010 – Diversity by Nacho Carbonell

photo by Vincenzo Lombardo

In the new “Diversity” series, Nacho Carbonell takes twenty iterations of the same form – a slender-legged chair attached to a narrow, covered desk – and creates distinct ?nishes for each with the result suggesting a demographically diverse neighborhood.

One is coated in “hair elements” that can be combed and groomed;
Another in shards of broken glass from used wine bottles;
Another in a granular concrete coating.

Arrayed in the vast and opulent 625 square meter exhibition space at the Palazzo Ferre, the works seem almost processional.


This is the single largest body of new work ever shown by Carbonell and will debut a broad array of recently created products finished from gravel, thorns, resins, broken glass, mono filaments, and others.


via Pontaccio 21


Diversity results from the raw and brave freedom of creation of Nacho Carbonell. The exhibition’s sheer volume and unconventional form lead a new movement in the growing design field.

“I like to see objects as living organisms, imagining them coming alive and being able to surprise you with their behaviour. I want to create objects with my hands, then I can give them my personality. I turn them into communicative objects that can arouse one’s sensations and imagination. In short, what I want to create are objects with a fictional or fantasy element, that allow you to escape everyday life.” -Nacho Carbonell-


Nacho Carbonell graduated in 2003 at the Spanish university Cardenal Herrera C.E.U. and the 27 of January 2007 at the Design Academy Eindhoven, with the projects “Dream of sand” and “Pump it up”, both of them had a big coverage by professionals and public who attended the presentation. The designer was honored with Cum Laude. While and after completing his studies he followed internships at Vincent de Rijk and at Joris Laarman Laboratory. Nacho currently works with his team of people at a 20th century church in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, were he has established his studio.

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