Salone Milan 2010 – SliZed by Emma

Salone Milan 2010 – SliZed by Emma

Emma Elizabeth Designs is showing her Slized Shelving system in Zona Tortona: in an exhibition called HIDDEN HEROES sponsored by FRAME MAG, Rolling Stone magazine, and MOOOI @ T35



The concept “sliZed” came about one evening whilst i was sitting in my usual japanese dining haunt, making idil chit chat with the sushi chef we came onto a topic: the technique of slicing and how it is an art form.

I then began researching sliced elements and visual cues in the urban and fashion environment, from zebra crossings, digital numbers to YSL latest “IT” heel, I became obsessed with lines and segments and the re-occurring black and white, white and black configuration.

Black and white, white and black using a natural medium “wood” became the best use of hue and material to show visually the sliZed lines/forms/concept in an organic manner. Yet because all the pieces are individual each product/piece has the possibility to be custom coloured and custom sized: for example magenta sliZed lines with royal blue sections, the choice and imagination is completely up to the owner of sliZed.


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