Aplis – by Kristofe Pyke for Kreon

Aplis – by Kristofe Pyke for Kreon

Circular integration.

When Le Corbusier published “Vers une Architecture”, a new approach to architecture was developed. It was a period of “purification” of forms and celebration of plane surfaces and orthogonal angles. Kreon has always pledged the values of Corbusier´s postulate looking for sober, efficient and geometrical purity throughout its right-angled collection.

In an attempt to better dialogue with the increasing demands for organic forms within contemporary architecture, Kreon sets a milestone in its long time orthogonal philosophy: Aplis. A round recessed spotlight system, able to respond to the highest qualitative and functional requirements of architectural lighting design.

Aplis is a circular recessed spotlight that combines advanced mechanical movement with significant lighting emission.

The lowering of the adjustable system by 50 mm and 30° inclination mean that it can light horizontal and vertical surfaces at the same time. Aplis can be manually rotated by 360°, without affecting the recessed position of the light source or control of glare. The fitting can take various light sources with power ranging from 20 to 100W


Designers strive to create space. Space is brought to life by light. Space that can be controlled in every detail is made possible by Aplis. Its construction, comprising of plasterkit, housing, reflectors and skirts can be adapted to suit spacial requirements. A choice of plasterkits give the option to choose a seamless finish or discreet shadowgap. It is possible to change reflectors to control light or skirts that define colour and depth of ceilings after installation without the use of tools.

Recessed spotlights are largely used by specifiers due to their flexibility and overall discreet appearance. It’s the tilt and the rotation system that define the strength of a product. Aplis’ mechanism widely fulfils these expectations since a combined movement of rotation and translation coexist in highly recessed optics with maximal light output. With a vertical drop of 50mm and an inclination of 30°, the luminaire can aim at both vertical and horizontal surfaces. Aplis can be manually rotated up to 360° and tilted by 30° without compromising the recessed position of the lamp and the glare control.


Aplis reflectors were developed in partnership with Bartenbach Lichtlabor. They are highly efficient with optimised glare control and balanced beam angles. A choice of spot, flood and wallwasher reflectors is available to suit a great variety of applications. Aplis can be fitted with a range of lenses including soft edge outline, and spread lens.


Aplis is designed for use with tungsten halogen and metal halide light sources with high efficiency reflectors. The standard range is equipped with a softening lens within an anti-glare ring which also allows for the insertion of additional filters.

dimensions: Ø 154 mm

lamptype: QT12-ax, QR-LP111, HIT-TC, HIR-CE111

min. depth: 195×200, 178×230, 225×230, 203×230

fitting: GY6.35, G53, G8.5, GX8.5

max. wattage: 100W, 20/35/70W

voltage: 12V, 5kV

IP: 40, 20

Aplis specification sheet

Aplis specification sheet


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