Nudes on Tap @ The Tap Gallery

Nudes on Tap @ The Tap Gallery

“Nudes on TAP” is a photography exhibition that celebrates both classic and contemporary expressions of the naked human figure

Running within the “Head On Photographic Festival” event in Sydney, the nude portraiture photographic competition showcased the work of photographers who are passionate about capturing the sensuality and beauty of artistic nudes in stylish, exquisite compositions and interpretations.

The competition is open to everyone and anyone and provides an excellent opportunity for emerging photographers and photo artists to gain exposure, raise their profile within the creative community and be recognised amongst their peers of the photographic industry.

Nudes on Tap 2012 Judge Eugene Tan, owner of the Aquabumps Gallery with Marie Brokensha.

“Nudes on Tap” is curated by the erstwhile Marie Brokensha who said ….. “I hope that over the next few years that Nudes On Tap goes on the Head On Photographic Festival has done and develop a life of it’s own. The nude in all it’s form’s has been a constant for artists of all disciplines from all cultures since we began documenting our journey through the most effective medium of the day.

Lesley Dimmock with the 2012 Nudes on Tap winning photographic portrait “Girl of Darlo” by Bruce Weaver.

For the third consecutive year, the TAP Gallery in Darlinghurst, Sydney ran this exhibition and contest, providing an innovative promotion of professional photography which reflected the vibrant, diverse cross-section of styles, subjects and photographic practices in his photographic genre

Photos by Steve McLaren

Head On Photographic Festival‘s Lesley Dimmick, Aquabumps Eugene Tan ( 2012 judge) and Nudes on Tap curator Marie Brokensha.

2012 Winning Photographer – Bruce Weaver

Bruce started out in large industrial (mining industry) photography back in the early 70’s before moving into global computer infrastructure developments – it paid more!!

Whereas once upon a time I spent many hours at a time in “wet” darkrooms I now spend much less time in front of computer screens.

While I wouldn’t contemplate returning to wet chemistry I feel that images processed that way had a much richer viewer impact and an enduring quality about them  that is hard to beat with mass produced digital images today. Today “affordable” photography is available to anyone who wants to have a go.

I use all Nikon, bodies, lenses and on/near camera flash units with Adobe post processing software.  As I now shoot mostly “opportunistic” sessions most of the studio equipment remains in mothballs!

About Christine Dengate

Christine creates sophisticated images of the human figure that has quickly earned her a growing audience as a pre-eminent nude and erotic fine art photographer. Christine has a highly developed sense of design, order and beauty, which was cultivated as a designer.

Above : “Coastal Nude” by Christine Dengate the People Choice Award at Nudes on Tap

Her images from nature,  close ups of erotic flowers and sensuous landscapes have informed her recent work of figurative nudes and continues to challenge and excite her as a professional photographer.

Christine is well known for her interiors and styling and has a creative flair for designing photographic shoots around central themes with a keen eye for composition.

About Marie Brokensha

Marie Brokensha is a French design photographer, event producer and creative director of Boudoir Salon.

Marie spent her childhood wandering the Trocadero, roller skating around the Eiffel Tower, mingling with protestors and running from the tear gas as the gendarmes moved in. These strong images drive her to become a provocateur in her professional photographic work.

Marie now calls Bondi Beach, Sydney her home.

Her client list contains a broad range of architects, designers, developers, builders, engineers, magazines and advertising industries. And sex has always been the ultimate provocation.

Marie also conducts nude and erotic photography workshops ( Boudoir Salon ) in Sydney for amateurs and professionals.

About Eugene Tan

Aquabumps Art Galley is owned by Eugene Tan (aka Uge) an ex web development Creative Director.

Aquabumps is a combination of 3 passions for Uge – photography, design and surfing. Ocean and surfing photography are the passions that drive Eugene who has been shooting photos since he was 9 years old and surfing for 17 years.

Aquabumps is a website and daily email dedicated to early morning beach life. Aquabumps depicts images of waves, surfers (good and bad), swimmers, sunrises and whatever happens in the wee hours down the beach every weekday.

Aquabumps has a thirst for capturing the essence of surfing through new innovative angles, moody dawn lighting and underwater shooting. Our goal is to shoot images that stirs emotions in our audience ( whether it be a keen surfer frothn’ over a sucky tube or a glorious, warm sunrise photo.)

He has been doing this since 1999.

2010 Nudes on Tap Exhibition

The 2010 the competition was judged by professional photographer Anthony Browell … who spoke about society’s fascination with the nude and the different artistic approaches to it

2011 Nudes on Tap Exhibition

In 2011 Ken Done judged the “Nudes on Tap” show and said ….. “None of the pictures crossed that fine line between eroticism and offensiveness. It is a most rewarding exhibition that deserves concentrated viewing.”

The 2012 Head On Portrait Prize People’s Choice winner (above) is Jonathan May, with his beautiful image titled ‘Lina’.

About Tap Gallery

The TAP Gallery is one of those wonderfully whimsical places that is still run as a sort of co-op by artists and volunteers and gets by from donations, member subscription fees and possibly the odd government grant.

It is a great place that allows new and emerging artists to put on an exhibition for a very modest fee.

It has none of the hard surfaces and minimalism that you’ll find at many the more established galleries but it does have a lot of heart and warmth.

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