Aquabumps – Uge, Sydney’s beach chronicler

Aquabumps – Uge, Sydney’s beach chronicler

Aquabumps parades images of waves, surfers (good and bad), hot morning joggers and stunning Sydney beaches. Even if you are over 1000 miles from any ocean – you will love this website.

Aquabumps is a daily documentary of Sydney’s beaches between the hours of 6am and 7am where digital photos are shot and then collated into a daily report which is emailed to over 20,000 loyal subscribers and growing.  Subscribing to Aquabumps reports is free, which lures subscribers from all over the globe to join in and share a glimpse of the Australian beach lifestyle.

Uge a.k.a Eugene Tan

Aquabumps is often explained as ‘escapism’… It’s 10:30am at work and you’re in the middle of cranking out a boardroom report for the end of financial year (dang – excitement), you’re in ya suit twiddling your pen when BOOM! the Aquabumps report hits your inbox providing a 30 second aquatic escape. You then check out the sunrise pics, read the days surf conditions and plan your working week around the surf forecast. Often there is also something to win or a special offer from an Aquabumps sponsor.

The Aquabumps website is a hive of activity – housing party snaps, surf trips from out of town, bikini contests (yeoow), community based notices, subscriber mugshots, popular photos and the latest news around town.

Aesthetics are important to the bumps crew. We like things that look good. Good photography, smart email layouts, clean edgy website designs and usable interfaces. We refrain from cluttering our content with tacky advertising, flashing logos and dorky graphics. Daily emails are short and sweet. A digestible format suitable for a 30 second break…


Aquabumps is designed and maintained by Uge (pronounced Yooj), ex-Creative Director from the Eclipse group, a Deloitte business that focused on large scale web development projects such as and to name just a few. Aquabumps is a combination of 3 passions for Uge – photography, design and surfing. Uge has been shooting pics since he was 9 years old and surfing for 15 years.

Ocean and surfing photography is the passion that drives Aquabumps. Unlike other surfing/beach related websites, Aquabumps has a thirst for capturing the essence of surfing through new innovative angles, moody dawn lighting and underwater shooting. Our goal is to shoot images that stirs emotions in our audience, whether it be a keen surfer frothn’ over a sucky tube or a glorious, warm sunrise photo.

Gallery Architect   The World is Round 250 sqm

Aquabumps relocated to an existing motor mechanics garage located in the heart of Bondi on Curlewis St.

A challenging site due to its long driveway and limited access we worked closely with Eugene to create a classic gallery space with an internal skin juxtaposing the old work shop. Incorporated also was a new shop front made from powder coated steel, fameless glass and inventive door hardware.

Bondi Gallery Artworks

151 Curlewis Street, Bondi Beach.

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