Step into the Sensory Box by Superbien

Step into the Sensory Box by Superbien

Designed for their client Alcatel-Lucent, this installation by French creative group / Superbien ( Alex Mestrot,  Cedric de Azevedo and Tom Chosson ) appeared at the Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona in February.

The public was invited to enter a 3m x 3m cube and discover an immersive experience involving colour, light and music. “Step into the Sensory Box ”  works across a range of surface depths, which only adds to the entrancing quality of the piece. The cavalcade of effects is spellbinding.


Superbien’s installation was created via a video-projection process called “projection mapping”, conceived by the Superbien agency with the New Media division of the Auditoire Event Agency.


Here is a great demonstration of the work required to be performed to do Projection Mapping such as was done by Superbien above // Projection mapping / quad warping with Quartz Composer & VDMX

Check out this brilliant quartz composition by Daniele Ciabattoni

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