Biennale of Sydney 2010 – Hubble Telescope

Biennale of Sydney 2010 – Hubble Telescope

Also at Cockatoo Island, Australian artist Peter Hennessey presents a vast new sculptural work, My Hubble ( The Universe turned in on itself / 2010 ).

This 1:1 life-size ‘re-enactment’ of the Hubble Space Telescope – a space-based observatory that has revolutionised astronomy by providing deep and clear views of the universe – is constructed out of plywood and steel.

Visitors are invited to play with the world the telescope depicts, to modify and create their own universes that they can then view, reflected in the ‘eye piece’ located high in the air. The aim is to give the viewer a unique, physical experience of the object, its construction is made from plywood and steel and simultaneously enacts the scale and detail of the original.

Artist Peter Hennessey makes big things – really big things. He’s made a voyager, a lunar rover, and an Neonatal Intensive Care Unit just to name a few. In a past life Peter worked online but now he’s out to de-digitise the world, trying to answer two questions.

How big is it really ?     And can you make it yourself ?   ….

video courtesy of COFA Sydney

Peter Hennessey was born 1968 in Sydney, Australia.
Lives and works in Melbourne, Australia

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