Salone Milan 2010 – Essence by Luca Nichetto

Salone Milan 2010 – Essence by Luca Nichetto


Essence was born of Luca Nichetto’s desire to share the knowledge of processes of artisanal production that he inherited when he was just a young boy. This collection sets about reinterpreting some of the most representative tools employed in artisanal glass and ceramic craftsmanship.

Essence is the very description of itself: every one of the objects in the collection makes reference to one of the tools the uninitiated never see, for the designer wanted to bring these to the fore and celebrate them, though transforming their function in the process.


The result of his efforts is a group of vases, bowls, candle holders and small objects of interior design in which the materials employed – glass, ceramic, wood and metal – are brought into harmony with the designer’s Venetian roots, thereby reflecting what has always characterized his approach to design: a constant dialogue with the people involved in the physical process of production.

This project’s realization depended upon the designer’s idea of bringing together an excellent team whose members would cooperate synergetically: Bosa Ceramiche, which is responsible for Essence’s distribution and with which Luca Nichetto wanted to reinforce his relationship through collaboration on an prestigious collection; Venini, which was brought on board to assist in the realization of certain pieces; and Laboratorio 2729, an architectural firm with an exhibition space founded by Massimo Barbierato and Francesca Meratti, who were interested in presenting the talent of a Venetian designer to the public in his home town.

Aside from being a collection of artisanal objects, Essence is also an itinerant event: after being presented in Venice, the collection travels to Paris and London with the goal of showcasing the artisanal quality of a typically Italian product by making reference to its origins and the techniques used in its production

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