Reality Check Wedding Rings

Reality Check Wedding Rings

How do a butterfly, a cage and a pair of pliers symbolize marriage? Josien Pieters combines these seemingly disparate items in a thoroughly modern wedding ring for Freedom of Creation.

Historically, jewellery’s function has been one of symbolism, rather than aesthetics or bling. A simple gold band on the fourth finger of the left hand is usually enough to signal the wearer’s marital status. But Ted Noten created a design brief for the FOC Talents network in order to put an end to this “most boring” piece of jewellery.

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The design had to demonstrate that participants researched the history of wedding rings in various cultures and show that 3D printing was the only way to develop the product. A jury made up of Noten, Janne Kyttanen and Frederik Roije chose Josien Pieters’ witty submission as the winner.

The ring fulfills three functions. The butterfly, all flutters of excitement and hope, is the engagement ring. The cage represents the home and the stability of the wedding ring. Then the pliers are used to cut the cage open to free the butterfly and the ring comes to symbolize divorce. Happily ever after? Maybe not, but perhaps more marriages need the occasional reality check.

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