Identita Milano @ Salone Milan 2014

Identita Milano @ Salone Milan 2014


The exhibition Identità Milano at Triennale di Milano deals with an issue with which many cities see themselves confronted when they host a major global event, being that of their own identity.

With the Expo 2015 arriving soon, the city of Milan has taken the opportunity to review its public branding.

The exhibition covers the branding of Milan through 14 topics related to its identity. Obvious topics like design, fashion and culture, but also less evident topics such as health, solidarity and sport.

identity milano

The exhibition presents the historic signs and symbols of Milan, illustrating what the city has become today in the collective imagination through the evolution of its coat of arms and of the symbols of the city and its community.

It also includes the faces of important native and adoptive Milanese, the city’s great artistic icons, and profiles of significant historical and modern buildings.

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milan identity

people who have shaped Milan’s identity


Do you remember the logo ” I Love New York” created by Milton Glaser in 1976 ,which became famous all over the world by presenting the Big Apple like the other capitals of the world of travel eg Paris, Rome, London ?

So that’s a little what the exhibition at the Triennale is attempting to also do for “Identity Milan

A small exhibition at the Triennale, curated by Michele De Lucchi, explores the Milanese on all fronts , trying to enclose it in a big hat, not only in view of Expo 2015, but especially after the Exposition Universelle

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Milan today is a metropolitan area that today has nearly 5 million inhabitants.

But what makes the scene ” Identity: Milan ” ?  It gives a key to convincing De Lucchi : ” How hard is it to make a choice to tell Milan and what our character in Milan ?

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Each section is enriched with illustrations made by Julia Binfield, Beppe Giacobbe, Emiliano Ponzi, Guido Scarabottolo, Michele Tranquillini and Olimpia Zagnoli, who have given their interpretation of the 14 topics

The illustrators , are each able to find “a message for the city. ”

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Criteria nominated = Middle Earth / Welcome / Knowledge / Industrial Archeology / Quality of Life / Fashion / Design / Health / Culture / Solidarity / Communication / Underground / Rights / Nutrition


identity milano

michelle de lucchi

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The “Brand Milan” Committee comprises :

Stefano Rolando, Laura Agnoletto, Armando Branchini, Antonio Calabrò, Monica Gattini Bernabò, Davide Milani, Alessandro Olper, Marco Percoco, Fulvio Ronchi, Patrizia Rutigliano, Emanuela Scarpellini, Roberto Serafini, Massimiliano Vavassori, Paolo Verri



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