Artecnica 2014  Catalogue

Artecnica 2014 Catalogue

artecnica lighting

Artecnica is a Los Angeles based design company that collaborates with the most established and emerging international designers to create inspiring decorative objects for the living environment.

Alongside such talented designers as Tord Boontje, Hella Jongerius and the Campana brothers, they continue to explore vibrant, colorful ways of expressing compelling ideas and bringing delight and discovery to everyday design.

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Artecnica is committed to considering issues of environmental sustainability and responsible manufacturing.

Products are often made with recycled materials and transported in easy-ship flat packages to help reduce our carbon footprint.

And Artecnica‘s “Design with Conscience” program works with artisan communities in developing countries to produce unique handcrafted objects that reflect indigenous skills. This humanitarian approach supports shared work and profit across borders, cultures, races, and religions.

artecnica design with conscience

artecnica transglass 2014

With the increasing globalization of trade, village artisans have become the outcast of their traditional markets, insulating them from the potential demand for their craft.

The challenge is to develop a competitive product that will encourage the survival of indigenous skills while managing to avoid the mechanization of the artisan and the devaluing of artisan’s work.

In order to promote self-sustaining communities of talented artisans in underdeveloped countries, Artecnica—partnering with nonprofit organizations such as Aid to Artisans and the British Council—acts as the project producer and teams artisans in areas of need with internationally renowned designers.

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The designers help the artisans find their place in the international market and Artecnica provides the logistics, marketing and art direction necessary to bring a finished product to the consumer.

This season Artecnica introduces 3 new designs that continue our exploration of transforming and innovating through light and color.

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The new collection debuts work by new collaborators –  Yusuke Oono ( deep jungle. in a cheese. sweet home), Hlynur Atlason ( yorky ) and Julie Richoz (thalie).


Unfolding Story by Yusuke Oono


Yusuke Oono

artecnica unfolding story

Artecnica unfolding story by Yusuke Oono


A luxuriant and majestic nature is literally and metaphorically brought to light in this imaginative lampshade where a variety of images interact. A series of unique lampshades that have been laser cut into flipbook-like designs.

When the light is turned on, an ethereal puppet show-like experience is created to the delight of both children and adult.

In Deep Jungle, the animals saunter through the rainforest canopy; Sweet Home depicts a house with kids dashing around the yard; In a Cheese shows–what else?–a Ratatouille-like mouse nibbling on Swiss


Yorky – design by Hlynur Atlason

Hlynur Atlason

Hlynur Atlason

artecnica Yorky designed by Hlynur Atlason

Artecnica Yorky designed by Hlynur Atlason

First time collaborator, Hlynur Atlason, a New York based designer has designed Yorky – a versatile light that inhabits a dimension between the familiar and the foreign.

While its sculptural and whimsical shape evokes memories of an animal-like creature, Yorky is a very versatile and practical light that can sit or lay on a table at different angles to illuminate varied surfaces or hang from its leash on a wall.

Whether a reflector bulb, an energy saving fluorescent or a classic Edison bulb, Yorkie’s wide conical shape accommodates a variety of bulbs for different applications.

“Yorky’s purpose is beholden to its’ owner: As a companion in everyday adventures, a fixture on a wall or sitting on a shelf with discipline and poise.”

Made of silicone, Yorky is safe, flexible, and comes in three playful colors: white, yellow and pink.


Thalie – design by Julie Richoz

julie richoz

Julie Richoz

artecnica thalie

Artecnica thalie by Julie Richoz

Thalie – Design by Julie Richoz with ECAL (University of Art and Design Lausanne)

Swiss based designer & first time collaborator Julie Richoz, has created Thalie, a collection of containers made of flat sheet metal held together by a very fine thread of metal wire securing each strip together revealing the beauty of how minimalistic the concept is.

“I was inspired by handcrafts like crochet or knitting, I approximated the characteristic of the metal sheet close to a textile quality. The specific industrial process allowed me to cut a sheet of steel in a very precise and fine manner in order to produce my patterns”

Available in silver finish in 3 different sizes of pre-assembled shapes of a plate, a fruit bowl and a bread basket

artecnica 2014


We hope you enjoy the new and the current collection

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