Studio Smack

Breda, The Netherlands

Studio Smack has existed since the dawn of time. Since its foundation it has always attracted artists from the art world’s elite, providing them with the perfect workspace and all the necessary tools to create the finest works of art.

Chickens interact in incredibly defined manners and form complicated social structures. Contrary to popular believe, Scientific research at the University of Sydney pointed out that chickens living in a battery cage are happier. Their free range sisters suffer from more stress, constantly living in fear of predators.

In the winter of 2005 Studio Smack recruited Ton Meijdam, Thom Snels and Béla Zsigmond. In 2008 Dennis Elbers joined to complete the All Star team. All four of them studied at the AKV|St.Joost in Breda (Art Academy).

Portrait of an Artist – Part 1 / Ton Meijdam from STUDIO SMACK on Vimeo.

Portrait of an Artist – Part 2 / Thom Snels from STUDIO SMACK.

Portrait of an Artist – Part 3 / Béla Zsigmond from STUDIO SMACK

Before now their animated fims gained awards at international film festivals. Studio Smack produces work that in the first analysis has an autonomous value, but often also responds to developments in society; the so-called Design for Debate.

At the moment they are working on two of their own projects: the series ‘Kapitein Reetneus’ and rock opera ‘Egonaut’.

Some of their clients have been VARA, VPRO and MTV NL, Graphic Design Museum, Graphic Design Festival Breda, Festival Mundial, ON, Museum for Popular Science Museon.

Their work is internationally appreciated and has been rewarded several times

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