"Karim Rashid"

Interni “Human Spaces” Exhibition @ Salone Milan 2019

Interni “Human Spaces” Exhibition @ Salone Milan 2019

Interni asked the architects and designers participating in this year’s edition of the event to translate the concept of ‘ Human Space’ into experimental installations, starting with the furnishings that surround us and extending to urban mobility.

From the natural environment to macro-system of production, such as the virtuous – and by now necessary – circular economy.

In collaboration with partner companies and institutions, over thirty installations have been created for the show, envisioning a future in which nature and the planet are protected, resources are saved and artificial intelligence is applied for the common good, promoting personal well being.

It is strange that still today in 2014, Milan and Italy are 90% closed on Sundays.

When I lived here in the 80’s Milan was 99% closed

- Karim Rashid -