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I am not materialistic. I do not fall in love with objects. When we finish a collection, it’s a product. When we are making a new one, it is a process. It becomes a passion.

I can tell you the collection I like the most is the next one. The collection I would most like to have at home is the next one.

- Rodolfo Dordoni -


PoPuP light and wireless speaker by David Groppi

PoPuP light and wireless speaker by David Groppi

PoPuP is a project that combines two of Davide Groppi’s great passions: light and music.

PoPuP gives you the possibility of having “your” music and “your” light wherever and whenever you want it thanks to power furnished by a rechargeable battery.

Trends in lighting are pointing towards multi-sensory solutions that are very intimate. The idea is to think about light as something that is tailor-made, customisable and special to different people in different ways.

This is why I am thinking about providing solutions without having any structural limits such as wiring and power

- Davide Groppi -